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Thread: Driving & Tics

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    Default Driving & Tics

    Well I got my license on monday!!!!!! So i've been driving all around town with my dog wasting Though I'm a little worried about my tics while im driving b/c I close my eye's and squint or jerk. Since im new too driving I might just be over reacting a bit....But do you think this is dangerous? For those of you who drive, do your guy's tics effect your driving?

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    Default Driving & Tics

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! that is great news.

    as for ticing when you drive, if your squinting is a regular tic then it may make no difference than when others blink more than others. Tics that could impact your safety and the safety of others will need you to self-manage or suppress. I have had the urge to do some really odd things when driving but would never allow myself to do them especially if they could endanger myself or others... this would be the "prime" example of when as an adult you may find there are times that you need to suppress the urge.

    just relax and enjoy the success of this life turning moment... I'm sure as you become more comfortable with being behind the wheel and having the freedom to drive alone any anxiety you may be experiencing will settle.
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    Default Driving & Tics


    Congratulations on getting your drivers license!

    It is a moment in your life you will always remember!

    Enjoy this special accomplishment. Steph

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    Default Driving & Tics

    Congrats on getting your license!! :lol: I don't think your tics will interfere too much especially the blinking because your already used to doing that and it's just a split second that your eyes are squinting. I drive and I have many tics, the only one that interferes very slightly is neck and head jerking because I take my eyes off the road, but like I said it's only for the briefest of moments. I've been driving for 7 years and no accidents yet, I'd say it's pretty safe. Happy driving!!


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    Default Driving & Tics

    Thanx! Driving is just one thing I have to get accustomed to doing. I already feel more comfortable and tics hav dicreased. I'm really not all that talented when it comes to supressing :roll: . But I'll work on it. I'm having soo much fun!!

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    Default Driving & Tics


    I have had my G1 for over a year, (I could have had my G2 back in October but I didn't take drivers ed., but that's besides the point! ) and I am doing my in-car lessons right now. I have a bad blinking tic right now that is kind of like squinting really hard but with my eyes closed, and I'm also worried it will affect my driving, especially if my instructor notices. I think that as we get more comfortable driving they will probably decrease with less tension. Good luck!
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    Default Driving & Tics

    Alley, like janet had stated earlier, this is a time where you will want to do your best to surpress a tic. We discussed "tic transfers" in another forum thread somewhere and I mentioned that I had to do this when I drove due to some of my tics altering my driving ability. transfering tics may seem hard (transfering tics is trying to "substitute" tic from one part of your body to another to be able to preform a specific task). I think also just beginning to drive may have stress or anxiety or just excitment and that sometimes will cause tics to increase. But congrats on the license! :D
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    Default Driving & Tics



    Once you are more comfortable you should be able to concentrate more on your driving and the tics should subside.

    If you find it is a problem then just monitor yourself closely and be aware if you are too stressed out or upset over an experience before getting behind the wheel.

    My daughter has her G1 and is in drivers training. Without TS she is a bundle of nerves. If the wheel feels good then you are in control and this is a good thing.

    Surgeons has TS and when they concentrate the tics stop while operating. You should do fine. :D

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    Default Driving & Tics

    Thanx. Hey whats a GI? Is that Canadian for permit?
    I've been looking for the thread about "Tic Transfers" but can't find it. Does any1 know where it is?
    Cheerio 8)

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    Default Driving & Tics

    Yeah, sorry I should have explained myself! We can get our G1 on the day we turn 16 which is pretty much the same as a learner's permit, and then if we take drivers ed we can get our G2 (basically full license) after 8 months, but if you don't take drivers ed then you get it after a full year. I am just finishing up my drivers ed hours and then I will have my license.

    I'm not sure where the tic transfer thread is, but I'm sure someone else knows and will supply it!
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