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Thread: Is tenex available in Canada?

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    Default Is tenex available in Canada?

    Hi everyone, I am 24 years old, and was diagnosed with Tourettes at age 10. I am currently on prozac for ocd, and invega which is similar to risperdal. I was thinking of talking to my dr. to see if he has any suggestions of another medication, as my prolactin levels are high on the invega. I have heard of tenex on other message boards, but I tried looking it up on google and couldn't find much about it in canada. does anyone on here take it, and did you have to go to a specific dr? i don't see my dr. until september so just wanted that information. thanks so much to anyone who replies

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    Default Re: Is tenex available in canada?

    Tenex, (Guanfacine Hydrochloride) also marketed under the brand name Intuniv by Shire is not contained in the product database of Health Canada.

    If you perform a search for Tenex in the Forum, you will see discussions that have taken place in the past, and it would seem your doctor would have to prescribe it under Health Canada exceptions, and have it brought in from the U.S. if the exception is still in force.

    Why do you feel this particular medication may have some benefit for you and have you discussed it with your doctor?


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