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tests and drugs

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  • tests and drugs

    Hi My son is starting his tests for TS. He had an EEG, which was normal, and soon will be having a sleep-deprived EEG and an MRI. He is 14 years old. We took him to a pediatric neurologist because all of a sudden he started doing all these arm movements and talking to himself. Sometimes he knew he was doing it and others time he didn't. He says he tries to stop but he can't. Does this happen to your children. Also what other tests can be done? What kind of drugs do you think will be recommeded? Thanks

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    There r no tests for ts but an EEG and MRI can be used to rule out other things. The only test for ts is a clinical one that any doc, who is familiar with ts, can do. But most docs, if they suspect ts, wil refer the patient to a nuerologist.

    Unfortunately theres not a cure for ts presently nor r there Rx drugs specifically for this syndrome. Ur doc may experiment with a number of drugs and dosages b4 finding one. As the patient and the ts changes so will the meds and or dosages. All meds prescr for ts have many side effects(some serious) and some can permanently alter brain chemistry. As ts isnt life threatening except in rarer cases I wouldnt recommend any Rx drugs. This is just my opinion. If u do go down the Rx drug route please fully read up on any that r prescibed b4 taking and dont be afraid to say to ur doc you'd like to try something else if ur worried about the side effects.

    Tiks r usually at their worst during and just after puberty and some may calm down or vanish in adulthood.

    Best wishes for u and ur son


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      tests and drugs

      Welcome to the TS Forum and thank you for sharing your story. As Scott indicated, there is no diagnostic test like a blood test at this time for TS. A diagnosis is made by observation.

      Once all medical possibilities are ruled out, most doctors will spend their time exploring what is best for your child based on quality of life. You may want to check out the list of Affiliates and Chapters of TSFC to meet other parents with similar experiences.

      Hope you will make the TS Forum a regular part of your online activities. You will meet many people who will share their experiences and offer suggestions and information.

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        tests and drugs


        As others have stated, unfortunately at this time there is no diagnostic test for TS. The diagnosis is made by observation which is why you son should be seen by a competent health professional who has had training in TS and has a professional interest in it.

        Not all physicians, and even some specialists do not have a professional interest in the disorder, and those cannot be counted on for a definitive diagnosis.

        Ask the doctor seeing your son some straightforward questions about his experience with movement disorders and TS in particular.

        The kind of medication depends on what part of the disorder needs to be treated medically...if at all. Sometimes no medication is better, if your son can function in his environment with a satisfactory quality of life.

        Pharmacological intervention is a benefits vs risk and discomfort due to side effects proposition. No medication is 100% side effect free, so the benefits need to be weighed against any potential inconveniences.

        Many side effects, especially in the more recent mediations tend to decrease with time as the person acclimates to the new medication.

        Some medications are found to be useful in suppressing tic activity, while others are used to control the obsessive compulsive behaviour.

        Look through some of the postings in Treatment Options to read about the experiences some members report with a few meds being used.

        Be ready with a list of questions to ask the physician if a prescription is being suggested.

        As a resource for what questions to ask, please check out THIS POSTING on the TS Forum

        When you get home, do some research on the meds, especially with regards to drug - drug and drug - food interactions.

        We can help you with that research when you are ready.

        Be sure to keep us posted on the outcome of your son's consultation.

        Dum spiro spero....While I breathe, I hope

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