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Stimulants for ADD/ADHD....Share your Pro's and Con's

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  • Stimulants for ADD/ADHD....Share your Pro's and Con's

    Has anyone been on stimulants like Ritalin and found an increase in tics...Or bringing them out? If so would you share your expirence? Even if you have tried Ritalin and had great results please share..I'm interested. What side effects did you have?
    I liked ritalin. It helped me so much, until the tics developed and havn't left...Looking back chances are I already had tics before being on ritalin...

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    Stimulants for ADD/ADHD....Share your Pro's and Con's

    My son has ADHD but he is not on medications.

    There has been very little research on the long term effects on the brain and body of these medications and this is why I hesitate.

    If he had meds then he would probably find school easier and my life would probably be easier but the risk is to great.

    Also, what right do I have to change his brain in any way? I feel that I don't have that right.

    I love my son and I only want to do what is best for him. Steph


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      Stimulants for ADD/ADHD....Share your Pro's and Con's

      Some drug information abour Ritalin can be found HERE,

      as well as from the manufacturer Novartis U.S.A site HERE

      Novartis Canada Ritalin drug information HERE
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        Stimulants for ADD/ADHD....Share your Pro's and Con's

        Good Question!

        Responses to your question can go either way. Unfortunately med's respond differently to different people.

        Stimulants can react to younger people like a sedative. I use to drink coffee for example to go to sleep when I was young for this reason.

        With my son, different kinds or forms of Ritalin have cause different responses including increases in his tics in some cases.

        I think in our case, determining the right kind and right dose has been a long process and a learning experience for all of us.

        Have you raised this question with your Doctor? The links provided are great sources for more information about the medication.


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          Stimulants for ADD/ADHD....Share your Pro's and Con's

          The decision to medicate or not medicate has to come from the right place and that is whether or not the use of meds would actually increase the quality of life for the person involved.

          From my personal experience the various types of ritalin do have a different response in different people and different responses in the same person. Talking to your doctor and carefully monitoring the meds and how they are administered is very important.

          If you believe meds would improve success and quality of life then I recommend that you discuss how you feel and how your child feels about it with your doctor. If your child does not buyin to the benefits of meds, then it will be a battle with him everyday about taking them... and that would not support a positive Q of L

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