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    We had a BAD BAD night last night. My 12yr. old had another one of his Episodes. We had to Restraine him, Force him to take 5mg of Ativan + 5mg of Zyprexa, and he still carried on for another 45min. He was screaming, crying, growling, screaming to let him go so he could kill himself, so he could smash things, or run away. It's like it starts out as an Anxiety Attack and turns into this wierd animal rage, he has this scared look in his eye, he says he can't stop, but last night he didn't want to stop. He just started taking Wellbutrin and I am wondering if this could have had anything to do with the intensity of this. He hasn't even been on it a week. I am going to check the link that is posted here as well by steve I think it is. Gotta go I am getting the stomach flu that he had last week.

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    Hi Ticsx3,

    It sounds like you need some professional help.

    I would take him back to his doctor today and describe for him/her the previous evening.

    You are doing the best you can but it seems like his doctor needs to reassess the effectiveness of his medications and his behaviour.

    he has this scared look in his eye, he says he can't stop,
    He understands that this is not his normal behaviour and that he has lost control and wants help.

    Therefore, I would take him to get help today.


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      We have gone threw this several times before, this is just the worst one yet. And the first time that he has not wanted to help himself or stop. The GP is all we have access to up here, his Phsychiatrist is in the city and only comes once a month. I do plan on calling both Dr.'s today and filling them in on what happened.


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        Hi Ticsx3,

        I am glad that you have a plan in place to help him.

        Have you talked to him about his behaviour now that he has calmed down.

        Does he feel that he has no control? Helpless? Afraid?

        Let us know how we can help you and your family.

        Keep us posted.


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          Do you have a hospital locally? If so it might help to take him during one of these moments. Once in our case I refused to take him back home and they helped him.

          Behavior like this has to be documented and you have to push to get the assistance you need, especially if you are in a small community outside of resources. In our case it did help and my son was given the attention he needed quickly after everyone saw what was happening.

          One of the last "attacks" he had was like the one you described were he seemed to understand what was happening but he had not control over it like he was sitting outside himself just watching.
          There could be a number of reasons this is happening and before he harms himself or someone else you need the answer.

          Please keep us posted and i hope you feel better soon.


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            WELLBUTRIN & KIDS


            As the others have suggested, this situation must be reported to the doctor and a therapeutic plan established to deal with outbursts of this type.

            Is the use of 5mg of Ativan + 5mg of Zyprexa the strategy recommended by the doctor?

            I don't know about Zyprexa, but I do know that 5 mg of Ativan (lorazepam) is a relatively high dose, especially for the body weight of a 12 year old.

            Please keep us posted on the result of oyur contact with the doctors.

            The overview on Wellbutrin is located here
            TouretteLinks Forum