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U.S. FDA to track pharmaceuticals

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  • U.S. FDA to track pharmaceuticals

    The FDA has announced it will track pharmaceuticals from the factory, to wholesaler to pharmacy. In fact, there is an 18-year-old law that requires wholesalers to track drugs from the factory to the retail outlet - the pharmacy. The FDA will now enforce this law.

    This move is aimed at stamping out the traffic of counterfeit drugs - drugs that look the same as the real thing, but either do not contain the essential active ingredient or have some contaminants. If a drug does not have the essential active ingredient it is completely useless.

    Full Details Herein this June 9, 2006 press release

    Info about counterfeit medicines from FDA
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    U.S. FDA to track pharmaceuticals

    Controls are definitely tighter here in NL now. When prescriptions are written they are carbonated, with full patient info including their MCP number. This was never the case before. Great to see

    great find Steve

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