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Toradol (nova-ketorolac)

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  • Toradol (nova-ketorolac)

    Has anyone heard of Toradol as a treatment for tourettes? My friend has an aquaintance who is a ENT. My friend asked the ENT if he has difficulties cleaning wax out of ears of patients with tourettes. The ENT said he had one patient, who is a teacher (so am I) who takes a dosage of Toradol everyday. He says that without it he wouldn't be able to hold his teaching job.

    Has anything heard of anything similar to this?


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    Toradol (nova-ketorolac)

    Hi Jeremy,

    No I have never heard of Toradol as a treatment for Tourette.

    Toradol is an NSAID which is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug but I can't find the manufactures website.

    Maybe Steve could point us in the right direction with this medication.


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      Toradol (nova-ketorolac)

      Thanks Steph,

      Here is a link to a study about this matter that I found:


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        Toradol (nova-ketorolac)

        Hi Jeremy,

        I have to say that I would be careful with this study's accuracy.

        In essence, most of the neurological diseases associated with chronic ischemia result in either cognitive disorders or chronic degenerative neurological states. Thus Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder and similar syndromes, including Tourettes, many cases of Depression, psychosis, and other neuropsychiatric disorders are frequently seen in a chronic ischemia.
        The author states that it is ischemia that results in ADD, TS, and others which is false because TS is genetic.

        Besides my son did not have ischemia at 7 years of age!

        IV Toradol (Ketorolac) in 30 to 60 mg doses does not cause any improvement on Transcranial Doppler Artery Ultrasound, and patients generally report a sensation of vertebrogenic syndrome with increase spaciness, confusion, worsening headache and worsening spasm.
        I would be very careful about taking this as an indication that Toradol is effective for TS.

        I would discuss your concerns with your doctor and together you can decide if this is an effective med for TS.


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          Toradol (nova-ketorolac)

          You're right Steph, in that this paper is very interesting and would require interpretation by a competent neurologist.

          The use of Toradol (Ketoralac) is associated with the use of vasodilators and as you point out the information available to us shows this medication as being an NSAID.

          I would not discredit the paper, but rather would seek a competent interpretation.

          Jeremy, at this time we don't have enough information to comment so you may wish to print the paper and ask your own Neurologist for comments.

          If you get more info, please share your findings with us.
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            Toradol (nova-ketorolac)


            Your right!

            I am too quick to judge.


            Here is the product information for Toradol.