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    Well Focalin worked for me but our insurance wont except it inless I try Adderall. Concerta made me depressed and moody, same with Ritalin but worse as I got rebound effect and that sucked so I've been scared to try a new drug. But I start college in mid august so I kinda gotta find something. Well anyways im taking Adderall XR 20mgs, and im totally like tired and I feel sick. I can only be up and active no more than an hour and a half. I've looked at the side effects and theres so many. I dont know if something wrong with me or if im getting sick or if its the adderall. I feel like its too early to tell. So I was wondering if anybody has had similar fatiguish side effects? and does it go away over time? How long should I wait...... :roll: hummm....

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    Adderall XR

    Hi Alley,

    Here is the topic on Adderall.

    Have you discussed your concerns with your Doctor?

    Write down how this medication makes you feel and your inability to be involved in strenuous activities.

    Let us know how it goes.