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Risperdal and other meds

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  • Risperdal and other meds

    Hello Everyone,
    I have read some things on medication. My son is nine and has been on Melatonin for sleep for a few months. Now his doctor would like to put him on Risperdal for his tics and anxiety. I am very apprehensive about medications. I do know the side effects of this drug. I am wondering what type of results people have had with it.
    Concerned Mom

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    My 12 year old son tried Risperdal. He took it for vocal tics. He slept really well while on it, he ate better while on it ( he's really thin) and it seemed to help with anxiety. Didn't seem to help much with the vocal tics. The worst side effects for him was they made him confused. Quite a few times he had this confused look on his face, and he said, "Mom, I'm all mixed up." He realized that the medication was doing it, and he did not want to take it. He had a hard time getting his work done in school, and it seemed to take the edge off his quick mind. Since it wasn't doing what we had hoped, we took him off it. I thought we gave it a fair try. His vocal tics were really bad for about 4 months, then they got better. Some days are pretty bad, other days we hardly notice any. I have spoken with some other parents, and Risperdal worked fine for their children. Some drugs work better for one person, another one for someone. It seems a little hit or miss! Meanwhile, it's our kids who are suffering. We haven't bothered trying anything else for tics, but it they were to get really bad again, we would be getting back to our Dr. to request something else.


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      Med's another website


      I found another TS website in my searches. It is based in the USA but the information on the drugs that are taken for TS and other conditions is great. A number of the med's used in Canada are listed on that site.

      Tourettes is the reference for my bookmark.

      Hope this information may be of some help. You can always push your Doctor to provide information on the drug or ask the pharamacy. They have print outs with sound information.

      Best of Luck,


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        Risperdal and other meds

        My son was put on Risperdal as sort of a last hope...he had tried clonidine, Haldol, Luvox, Zoloft, and others with no improvement (it was mostly for anxiety, depression, aggressive behaviour, rage, and behaviour problems, rather than tics) and it really helped! He was about 15 or so at the time, and had been oppositional and defiant for a couple of years, to the point that we feared for his (and our) safety. He was on it for only a week or so before we noticed a great improvement in his surly attitude, his physical aggression, and his other behaviour problems. I talked with him about it, and he said that he felt better! He was on it until he was about 18, as well as having numerous other supports, and I think it kept us all sane. I think it may have gradually lost some of its effectiveness after the first year or so, but it got us through those teen years and kept him out of jail.