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    Hi there, I am new to the chat line. I have a 7 year old son who has Tourettes. The tics for us were never really the problem.It has always been about the rage,anger and terrible social behaviour. Finally 6 months ago we tried,risperdal and had some measure of success and my son made huge gains at school and even had friends. Then like every other medicine it made my sons tics and twitchs get worse. So it had to be discontinued and now all the horrible behaviour has come back. We are now trying clonidine,but so far I havent seen too much progress. Has anyone had any experiennces with this or success stories. I have such horrible guilt about putting him on such strong medicines.I really need to talk and hear other peoples experiences, as I feel so lost in this horrible situation. Any input would be appreciated.

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    Re: Experiences with medicine

    My son was on Clonidine for about two months and it had no effect on reducing or increasing his tics. Instead it made him a walking Zombie. He was also put on a very high dose of Risperidone and it too did not seem to reduce his tics or his self injurious behavior at all.

    From what I have read (and I'm not a doctor although sometimes it seems like I am forced to be these days) the advantage of clonidine is it doesn't pack alot of the nasty side effects of the anti-psychotics, and I have read alot of testimonies where it really did help with tics. But it sounds like you have to be patient with it. In my son's case he seemed ultra sensitive to the sedative effect it caused so it definately was not for him.


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      Re: Experiences with medicine

      Welcome to the TSFC Forum jacksmom and JDJ!

      As you are becoming aware, there is no ready made recipe to treat Tourette and each person responds differently to the medications that are known to have effectiveness in some people to control tics.

      Not everyone with Tourette requires medication for tic control, and the decision whether to use medication should be made on the degree Tourette affects quality of life and the benefits vs risks of the treatment.

      This is where the expertise of your treating physician is important, combined with your own research and observations of your child.

      Is your son being treated by a physician you know has clinical experience in treating Tourette?

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