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  • USA...FDA

    > ??? Is it just me or do y'all find it very frusterating that the States have more Med's faster than we do??? You can't get Focalin here it is only available in the States, since '05.

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    Re: USA...FDA

    Decisions as to whether a given manufacturer releases a particular medication to a given market depends to a large extent on the sales potential for that product.

    That being said, there are other factors that can slow down the approval in Canada by the Health Protection Branch, such as clarification of the data contained in their studies or negotiations on terminology in the final product monograph.

    Most multi nationals tend to release the same med in both Canada and the U.S. within a relatively short time, unless problems have been encountered.

    It should be stated that just because a medication is new does not necessarily mean better than classic treatments or already available treatments. When various meds are released within the same class of medications by different manufacturers, it's generally to get on the bandwagon of a new trend, or manufacturers will re-tool an existing med so the molecule is different. This latter strategy allows the manufacturer to offer a new improved version of an old existing med...often with out significant therapeutic advantages.

    The manufacturer of Focalin is Novartis and you can view information about this ADHD medication HERE

    You may wish to contact the Company in Canada for more information, or a more effective way to get info would be to have your doctor or pharmacist call the Company. The Company is more likely to reveal their plans to a medical health professional.

    Let us know what you find out.
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      Re: USA...FDA

      My posting reflects my personal experience and is only my personal opinion and does not reflect any opinion of this forum.

      I am not personally familiar with Focalin, but I am familiar with medications in the U.S.

      When the FDA approves a medication Canada does not always follow until all the studies or results are in. Individuals can be used as Gennie pigs to trial medications through physicians as they get funding from marketing a drug. In some states this is acceptable behavior.

      In Canada this is not acceptable behavior.

      My own family experienced this while living in the U.S. and having serious medical conditions we faced with my daughter. Some physicians warn you there could be poor outcomes while others just write the prescription. The accumulated results are published and the medication is either raved over or removed from the market and re-engineered and then marketed again.

      Usually you do not hear anything about it unless a Attorney has gotten involved over a death or permanent disability related to the drug.

      Just because something is available on the other side of the boarder does not make we want to jump over to get it. I'd rather sit back and ride it out. My children have been through enough without being Gennie pigs for a pharmaceutical company.

      We are fortunate to have some great physicians caring for our family and some incredible pharmacists that offer sound advice and direction.

      Steve is correct about asking for some direction from your pharmacist. They can usually get through the red tape to find the answers you need and understand the chemical make up of a medication to recommend a alternative in the same family of med's. You can then take this information to your physician to discuss your options.