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The rough times will subside!!

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  • The rough times will subside!!

    Hi Folks!
    Just wanted to add my two cents about the learning disability portion of Tourette's and Tourette's Plus. My son is 10 and has Tourette's, SID, Anxiety and Depression. He is currently being treated for his Depression with 20mg of Prozac thanks to a WONDRFUL doctor; Joe Dooley of HFX, IWK. Before the end of June 2007, life had hit Rock Bottom for my son and I. The ultimate worse! Learning difficulities never got better despite all the help I tried to get. He was suffering from Panic attacks at the mere mention of School. I suddently had a child who was VERY angry with me and the world around him. With the help of the medication, he BOUNCED back to his old happy self again within 2 wks. or less. I decided on enrolling him in the LINKS program with the local chapter of the LEARNING DISABILITIES Assoc of NS. My son has done SOOO well in only a few short weeks. He is progressing rapidly thru the program and will continue into the fall as well. What was once a horrible time for both of us is now a wonderful thing. My son has gained his confidence back and knows just how smart he is. The people at the LDANS have been SOOOO good with him. My son is now Okay with the idea of starting school again in Sept. Partly because he feels so good about himself and partly because he knows things are changing for the better. On that note, I am still a little apprehensive when it comes down to the wire. I do expect some challenges etc. but at least now,I feel I will be able to actually get him on the school bus. I've written this as hope for people out there suffering from the above mentioned heartaches. Belive me when I say it, Times have been VERY VERY rough for us and at some points, I didn't see any hope or way out. But with Faith, we have found the right doctors and the right angels from heaven. Have faith people, that the rough times will wain and get better, but most importantly DO NOT GIVE UP on yourself or your kids!