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Food Allergies....??? Anyone have concrete info on this?

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  • Food Allergies....??? Anyone have concrete info on this?

    When we discovered our son has a milk allergy, our pediatrician said to get him tested by a "real" allergist. We'd been to a naturopathic doctor who first noted his dark circles and put together the gastric symptoms with the nasal allergies and eczema, telling us to remove milk products to see if it helped his stomach and skin. It has, extremely, and therefore I want to know if there are other allergies, like wheat and soy and food additives. But I feel I am swimming so much in the dark alone on this, and get almost no help from hubby. He feels it is so much "voodoo", messing with our son's diet. Even though it's obvious he did have a milk allergy as the two naturos said, he does not want to experiment more. He says it is "chasing zebras" and we'd be going down dead ends, and add more anxiety to our son's system, thus creating even worse tics etc. I see his point, but if it will lead to long-lasting, positive results, I believe it is only good parenting to try some elimination diets and rotation diets to find out what contributes to his tics.

    But I do not have any medical support from the pediatrician or the neurologists on this, and since I have to pay up front out of pocket to the naturos to the tune of $145-$190 a visit, which they recommend be weekly, I have avoided any professional advice for some time.

    Is there anyone here who can advise me at least a direction to go in order to find an educated, experienced physician to lead our search for some help for our son?

    It is so difficult, because he is in total denial about Tourette and also food allergies. He craves milk products, and what he wants his father eventually gives him. Lately, of course, he has not bent on the dairy issues, as he saw how it affected his gastric health. But anything else he simply backs up our son about, as he thinks he should have his favorite foods. My husband is a scientist, and without scientific tests simply refuses to believe theories about food allergies.

    Please help us find a professional in this field.