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Haldol - alternatives please

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  • Haldol - alternatives please

    Tics were getting out of control for the first time in 30 years.

    I just went on haldol about 5 days ago. 1mg twice a day. Reduced it myself to .5mg twice a day as teh cognitive dulling is crazy.

    Any alternatives to this drug? Just started it so I am hoping it is easy enough to get off it.

    It has improved my vocal tics and stomach clenching alot, but I can't stand the haze.

    First time with drugs for tourettes for me.

    Help and insight would be much appreciated.

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    Re: Haldol - alternatives please

    Hi mrking

    Have you talked to your doctor about the side effects? Is your doctor a TS specialist? I am not an expert but Haldol seems like a pretty heavy drug for a first time attempt at meds. It has been my experience that milder drugs with fewer side effects are tried first.

    There are much newer drugs out now. Risperdal is one that comes to mind that I know of. Many people use that for tics.


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      Re: Haldol - alternatives please

      As an update.... I am taking 1mg of haldol at night now. Dreams are great.

      The drug has reduced my tics by about 60% now. One of the best things for me though is it has reduced my negative thoughts by about 90% and I am not nearly as angry as I used to be. Thinking of a negative situation could put me in a pissy mood for hours. Haldol has eliminated that. So from that perspective I like it.

      Still would like to get rid of all tics though. Don't we all.

      Thanks for listening.


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        Re: Haldol - alternatives please

        Thanks for the update mrking! So happy to hear that you are experiencing some symptom relief. :Big Grin: