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  • Risperidal

    My son (age 13) has recently been experiencing severe OCD, specifically relating to worries about germs and illnesses. The doctor has prescribed a small dose of Risperidal. I am wondering if anyone has experience with this.

    Right now he is on clonidine, which works wonders for this tics, and Paxil, which seems to control his depression/anger issues.

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    Re: Risperidal


    I posted in the other site that you were on ... but then I had more thoughts. It is very hard to put your child on medication ... and then to put your child on more medication. None of us as parents know exactly what we should do in terms of medication especially at the beginning. It is a tough decision. We also don't know the long-term effects of the medication.

    For my son, I had to let go of all of my ideas about 'medicating children' and I had to look at the quality of his life (or I should say lack of quality). When I understood (if that is ever possible) the brain physiology a bit better, I knew that I had to at least try to help him so that he could actually have fun and 'be a kid'. He was so caught up in the negative thoughts, the voices (his own voice in his head), hitting himself, being comatose, raging, crying, being rigid, being completely erratic and ticcing all over the place, etc. that he really didn't have a child's existence. He didn't want to exist. I was having a hard time watching him suffer.

    I put my son on medication (Risperdal and just this week 1 1/4 mg Zyprexa for anticipatory school-related stress), I got him involved in social activities with other 'Tourette children', I put him in a day and an overnight summer camp and as a family we went to a Tourette Family Camp. It is a long, complicated road but people in the forum are great at listening and sharing their ideas. It is good to hear the positive stories as the children get older as well.