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magnet therapy

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  • magnet therapy

    I got TS and a really bad head tic that makes my neck muscles really sore. My Mom bought me a magnetic necklace to help the pain in my neck. Anyone know about this type of therapy?

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    magnet therapy

    Thank you for an interesting question about magnet therapy.

    We are not aware of any medical evidence to show that magnetic therapy will do anything to relieve tics or pain.

    When deciding on how to treat a medical condition, it's important to research the therapy being recommended to determine if there is evidence to show it can help.

    Unfortunately people sometimes feel something works when what really happens is their body fools them into thinking it's working. This phenomenon, which doctors call "the placebo effect" is always taken into consideration when a new therapy or treatment is being tested.

    There are ways doctors can design studies to allow for "the placebo effect".

    The placebo effect may result in relief for a short time, but usually does not last.

    So even though we cannot answer your question for sure, because we don't know of any reliable studies to support magnetism, the best advice for you would be to persuade your Mom to take you to see a doctor who specializes in Tourette Syndrome.

    If you don't know how to locate a doctor, let us know in which locality you are situated (just the Province or State is sufficient) and we can point you in the right direction.

    You might want to invite your Mom to visit the Forum and even join us in a discussion.

    Have you been seen by a doctor and if so what were the results?

    Dum spiro spero....While I breathe, I hope

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      magnet therapy

      Magnetic therapy can be very helpful for relieving pain and there are many studies confirming that magnets can be used to help a number of other conditions. Most people use small bipolar magnets (like the necklace) which do not work very well.

      First of all, you should only use the North pole of the magnet. The South pole can increase pain and slow healing. Many people will say that there is no difference between North and South pole magnetic energy, but that's incorrect. Albert Roy Davis (a Canadian) was the first scientist to discover that magnetism is actually two different energies. The North pole of a magnet has the opposite effect of the South pole. This has been scientifically proven and many doctors and scientists have reproduced the experiments first done by Davis, and his partner, Walter C. Rawls. Morris Tischler, inventor of the first solid-state pacemaker, among others, became interested in their work. In the year 2000 he wrote a manual titled, Biomagnetics in Complementary Medicine. Some colleges use this manual in their curriculum.

      Second, the biomagnet has to have a gauss (magnetic strength) that is high enough, but many gauss ratings are confusing. Large magnets are stronger than small magnets as a general rule. Pay closer attention to the size and polarity of the magnet, not just the gauss rating.


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        magnet therapy

        Welcome Chili Pepper

        You seem have a lot of knowledge with magnetic therapy, do you use it yourself?

        I hope you'll enjoy being part of our forum, what prompted your participation?

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          magnet therapy

          I have used magnets for several years now. They work great for many conditions, and often better than conventional medicine. I was surfing the net and found your site. I like sharing valuable information that I've learned with other people. Biomagnets are at the top of my list. Considering how many conditions they can be used for, the low cost, and the fact that they'll last for many years, I believe that overall they are the best investment you can make for your health.

          Atoms are magnetic. If you read how an MRI works, it says that the nucleus of a hydrogen atom is magnetic. Water is mostly hydrogen. Living organisms are mostly composed of water. Electrical currents produce magnetic fields, and since we have electrical currents flowing through our bodies, then we have magnetism throughout our bodies too. It can be said that life itself is electromagnetic.


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            magnet therapy

            Welcome back Chili Pepper

            The magnets you use are they in the form of jewelry?

            I'm curious because I have a triple density bracelet that I wear but as for the other aspects of the magnets I know very little but your info has prompted me to look into it a little further.

            Thanks for sharing. There are lots of new things happening with our bb so try to stay close so you don't miss out.

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