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  • Nitoman

    I've been on various meds since being diagnosed in 1999 (ie: Orap, Dogmatil from Europe, Zyprexa, and Nitoman). What I want to say is that I wasn't on Nitoman for more that 15 months when I started having Parkinson-like symptoms which were very scary to me. I stopped taking Nitoman 2 months ago and the Parkinson-like symptoms vanished. I am on nothing now, so I have more "TS bad symptom days" (as I call them), but I have to say that I am better now than when I was prior to starting meds in 1999. I guess it has to do with age, where TS symptoms may decline as you get older. Anyways, for the first time since 1999 I feel alive again even though I must deal with the symptoms. From my experience, I have to conclude that all those meds really sap the energy from you, but they do help one deal with TS when it is at its worse.