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  • Nutritional Supplements?

    I was wondering if anybody with Tourette Syndrome could list some nutritional supplements that have worked in reducing your tics. I really don't see the point in taking medication for my tics since I don't consider them to be that severe. I have a few major tics that have affected my social life, but most of the time my tics are manageable unless I get nervous when I'm around people. I don't have a balanced diet and the only vitamins I ever take are B12 (my doctor suggested them for my memory problems), so I think if I started taking nutritional supplements my tics might be reduced. I just want to know if any of you have had any luck with this and if so what nutritional supplements do you recommend?

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    Re: Nutritional Supplements?

    I really don't see the point in taking medication for my tics since I don't consider them to be that severe.
    Agreed! In may cases the medications used to suppress tics might be more problematic than the tics, so if your quality of life is unaffected significantly by your tics, then your choice makes sense.

    nutritional supplements that have worked in reducing your tics
    It will be interesting to hear what others might suggest.

    I don't have a balanced diet
    I would propose that this might be your best starting point, instead of looking for an illusive nutritional supplement. In my opinion, looking for such a solution leaves you vulnerable to propositions of questionable preparations that might have no effect at best and be harmful at worst.

    My own unprofessional view would be to avoid the kinds of foods that might stimulate such as excessive sugars, caffeine and so on, as many people with Tourette, as you have alluded to in your own case, tend to tic when anxiety or stress levels are elevated.
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      Re: Nutritional Supplements?

      An interesting thing I've noticed is that my B12 vitamins do help in reducing my stress levels a little which in turn reduces my tics when out in public. My problem is I'm deficient in a lot of things. I don't eat, or drink all the important things that are normal in a diet (milk, fruits, vegetables, etc). I don't eat much junk food, but I hardly eat any healthy foods either, so it probably is the reason my tics can get so bad. I've read articles about how your diet can affect your tics and it's made me take a different look at my diet. I think if I started taking multivitamins, cut down on my caffeine intake, and started eating better foods that I might see some results. Nutritional supplements don't work for everybody and I know that, but I feel like I would be missing an opportunity if I didn't at least give them a try since I've read about people improving their tics when taking them. I'm going to try every option I have and if medication is my last resort then I will take it, but not unless I absolutely need to. Improving my diet is my main goal right now.


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        Re: Nutritional Supplements?

        This was a interesting link a friend of mine sent me whose daughter has TS, anxiety disorder and ocd.

        Be sure to look at the supplements link.


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          Re: Nutritional Supplements?

          Hi everyone,

          ADDitude magazine has just posted an article, "The ADHD Food Fix: How to Fight ADHD Symptoms With Diet and Supplements."
          The article is a series of slides. The titles are:

          Stop Blood Sugar Spikes
          Go for the Fish Oil
          Maintain Iron Levels
          Check Zinc and Magnesium Levels
          Cut Back on Chemicals
          Watch for Food Sensitivities
          Try Helpful Herbs

          Happy reading! Tina
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