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I want to try Clonidine. can give me some advice?

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  • I want to try Clonidine. can give me some advice?

    firstly, I want introduce myself, i come from malaysia, my English not good, sorry, hope you all can understand what i write..

    my parent discover I had TS since 10 years old, that time they bring me to consult a doctor, then i was taking the hesperido, i think, i forgot the name of the medicine already,
    but that medicine got strong side effect on me, most of the time I was sleeping. so this make me get bad result on my primary school,

    after that, when i was secondary school, i change the medicine to olanzapine, it work very well that time, tics are gone about 95%, but still very sleepy all the day,..but this medicine was very expensive in my country, so my parent have to stop it, so i have stop medicine around 3-5 years, that time my study environment is relax, so the tic not serious,

    but, now i go to university, so stress and always 3am sleep, 7am wake up, the tic symtom very serious, although i taking olanzapine 2.5mg, only can control 50% of the tic...

    so just now i read some thread, i found that Clonidine work well in most of them, I want to have a try on it.

    this is my question,
    1) Clonidine expensive or olanzapine expensive?

    2) because my appointment date with the doctor is still very far, so i think i want to buy it from pharmacy, it is a controlled medicine? it got any specific brand? just tell them i want to buy Clonidine?

    3) just now i had say, my appointment still very far, so I want to try Clonidine, how I know the dosage? my body weight is 50kg, 165cm.

    4)Clonidine is use once at night before sleep or day?

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    Re: I want to try Clonidine. can give me some advise?

    Welcome to the Forum, Wengkin from Malaysia and thank you for joining us. Your English is fine and there is no difficulty understanding what you write.

    We are not allowed, by law, to advise you on the choice of a medication or how it might be taken because these medications are prescribed by a doctor. As such, the doctor is the only one who can choose the right medication based on your medical history and your specific diagnosis, after which the correct dose is recommended. Depending on how well the medication is tolerated, if there are side effects, your doctor should be the only one to make any changes or modifications.

    That being said, and because the cost of medications is a factor for you, it may be to your advantage to explore other no medication ways to help deal with your tics.

    Many people with Tourette prefer to not take medications to control tics because of some of the side effects you referred to such as making you feel sleepy and drowsy.

    Many people find ways to suppress their tics or instead of letting out one big tic, let it out a little at a time or a series of little ones.

    Another way is to re-direct tics, so if you feel the urge to wave your arm and you are in class, for example, you could shake your foot instead, or do some other action that satisfies the urge to tic.

    It may also help to take frequent breaks from the classroom or place where you feel stress, and leave to go toa quiet place where you can express your tics without interfering with others.

    Whan you are at home, how does your family react to when you need to tic? Do you have a quiet or safe place in your home where you can feel comfortable to do your tics as much as you want?

    How is your ability to concentrate in classes, and are there any other behaviours or mood changes that make difficulties in your life?

    What are you studying in University, Wengkin?

    We are looking forward to hearing more from you.
    TouretteLinks Forum


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      Re: I want to try Clonidine. can give me some advice?

      As Steve said, no one but a doctor can tell you what medication to take and how much, but I can share with you my personal experience with Clonidine.

      I've been on Clonidine since I was about 8, so that's 20 years now (I feel old saying that haha), and my greatest side effect with it is fatigue. I've become used to it though so I can feel when the dose is kicking in, and thus when I need to be active to stay awake during the 10-15 minutes the fatigue is at its peak. Normally it doesn't bother me too much, mostly when I've had a bad night's sleep I feel it moreso. It also lowers blood pressure so eating regularly throughout the day is a must, no skipping breakfast!

      I don't know my dosage offhand, but I have half a tablet every morning and a whole for nigthtime, though I can take up to a total of 2 tablets a day if need be (so another half tablet in the afternoon for the bad days).

      Overall, I've had very little bad experiences with it, and personally from what I've heard and read, it seems to have the fewest side effects from most common medications used for TS (fatigue and lowered blood pressure). I could be wrong, but that's my understanding.
      It is not, however, a drug you should start taking on your own without a doctor's consent, and I don't believe it's available over the counter anyway, due to the fact it affects blood pressure and a high dose can render your blood pressure to dangerously low levels. I have experienced this when I tried a higher dose (under doctor supervision) and I tell you, never again!

      If your doctor agrees it's worthwhile to try within a reasonable dosage in your case, I recommend it then


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        Re: I want to try Clonidine. can give me some advice?


        I know this is an old thread, but I thought I'd answer for any newbies.

        My 17 yr. old son took 1 mg. clonidine in the evening and it stopped his tics by about 85%, which was marvelous, for about 5 yrs. His only side effect was fatigue which is why his dose was taken at bedtime. He tried 1/2 mg. also in the morning, but it made him too tired for school. He was then switched to tenex to see if it might help with his slight ADD (inattentive) in addition to the tics. The tenex works equally well on the tics, but I'm not sure if it helped with his focusing. So, he recently was asked to wean from the tenex to see if he could handle the symptoms without meds, seeing that he will be 18 next week and symptoms sometimes diminish in adulthood.
        He had no symptoms going to .5mg for 5 weeks. The following week he stopped meds and he lasted a little more than a week when the tics started to return. Since he has one more year of high school, which tends to be a little stressful, he decided he wanted to stay on the tenex for now. He is currently on half the dose (.5mg.) for a couple of weeks and his tics dimished a good amount already. He wants to stay at the half dose and see how that goes. His ped. neuro. was very helpful and told him he is at the age to decide for himself if he wants to deal with the tics or use the meds for relief. He chose the later. His dose is low, so I don't have a problem with him taking it. It is also not expensive here in the US. I think I pay $8 per month.
        I just wanted to relay our experience to help anyone who is considering the clonidine or tenex route.

        Take care.



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          Re: I want to try Clonidine. can give me some advice?

          I can also share our experience with Clonidine and Guanfacine (Tenex or Intuniv). Of course every individual's reaction could be unique. But Clonidine was a disaster for my 10yo son and Guanfacine was helpful. One of the things we got from Clonidine was that the amount of time it took to make my son sleepy was quite variable. Another thing we got was parasomnia and horribly scary images, causing a fear of going to bed and going to sleep.

          He took Guanfacine first, then someone suggested switching to Clonidine, which, as I mentioned, was a disaster in his case, and then he switched back to Guanfacine. Both when he started the Guanfacine and when he restarted it, the frequency of tics decreased. For example, before he started it the first time, he was squinting at least a hundred times per day, and after a few days of Guanfacine, that went down drastically.


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            Re: I want to try Clonidine. can give me some advice?

            I had a moderately effective experience with clonidine, however it is different for everybody. My doctor had told me it was a better option in a lot of ways compared to heavier psychotropic drugs,(bear in mind this isnt medical advice) so if you are concerned about symptoms resulting from heavier drugs it would be worthwhile to talk to your doctor. I beleive it may be a cheaper option as well, but again, your doctor would know better than I.


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              Re: I want to try Clonidine. can give me some advice?

              I agree with Steve. I'm on clonidine, it helps to a point. I also have adhd that makes me very aggressive, angry and moody. My docs are working on me, my tics are less but my other symptoms of adhd vary. Days I can go all day being calm, cool and collected then others, it hits the fan. Best advice talk with your doctor, do your research, share your concerns and most of all ASK QUESTIIONS.