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Homeopathic Sleep aids

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  • Homeopathic Sleep aids

    This subject came up by information provided by Janet in another section of the forum. Often our children have a problem with their body clocks and their sleep patterns can be sporadic. This concern can add to stresses and anxiety and effect schooling.

    I wanted to share my finds and look forward to hearing about your experiences and any research you have done on this subject.

    Homeopathic remedies in conjunction with prescriptions might help some people live fuller lives.
    Obviously before taking anything your physician should be consulted to avoid reactions or to avoid the prescription drugs absorption rate to be altered.

    I learned some interesting things going to a health store today about melatonin. Our bodies are suppose to produce melatonin naturally, they explained a three step process which only one portion stuck out in my mind. Seratonin produces melatonin and for this we need darkness.

    We had to remove his lamp so he has been using his overhead lighting. We are changing out his light bulbs to a lower wattage to make it dimmer in his room now.

    A lot of health products help produce Seratonin so you can make melatonin but i was concerned about the results.

    Seratonin levels can be our "happy spot" but it can also effect our "anger spot"

    Boosting these levels in a child that has aggressive tendencies may not be the best option for good sleep results.

    Since my son sleeps (when he sleeps) with the light on and he can have aggressive tendencies I was introduced to a three step option to help him relax to do it more naturally.

    There is a product anyone can take to relax and help focus in a drop form. You put it in water, juice, hot tea ..... my daughter's friend takes it during exam time to help her with anxiety. It's base is English wildflowers.

    I found another product based for children or adults that is a sleep aid that helps them relax and fall to sleep naturally without alcohol and it does not build up in a child's system.

    Lastly I found the melatonin mentioned in another topic thread.

    Maybe stresses have become worse for him lately or just my own schedule has become more hectic but he is not sleeping again and I can not function running three shifts.

    I spoke to his Doctor in advance on this subject and I followed his advice.

    Remarkably, this store knew so much about ADD, ADHD and compulsive disorders and anxiety or PTSD but knew little or absolutely nothing about TS.

    I am going to drop off some reading material to them this week from the TSFC forum.

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    homeopathic sleeping aids


    You mentioned at least two "natural" sleep aids that you are using. Will you please provide the name of them? You mentioned one in English flowers. Are you referring to one of the Back flowers? You mentioned the melatonin, and there was another I'd like to know the name of? I'm guessing it is some kind of homeopathic tincture by your description.

    I am also unclear about what you are saying re the darkenss and melatonin. Is darkness better or worse for the TS? Better or worse for anger management?

    I have a son with TS who is almost 10. From time to time he has considerable trouble falling asleep and now waking. In the past I have used CINA, a homeopathic (pellets) aid, and it as helped sometimes and not others.

    I also do a mind/body therapy with him called EMF - Emotional Freedom Technique. We learned to do it with a registered psychologist and it seems to be quite effective.



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      Homeopathic Sleep aids


      Welcome to the TSFC forum!

      The EMF sounds like a wonderful technique to learn to help rest. Others on the forum have mentioned relaxation techniques.

      I will have to ask about EMF on our next session to our Psychologist.

      The darkness I mentioned causes our brains to produce the melatonin naturally while we sleep. If you have a child that will not sleep in the dark like I do they do not tend to produce enough.

      Darkness can cause anxiety for some like my son and relax others. Anger management can be a problems resolution concern and takes time. My son has had these issues but had improved over the last six months with consistent direction and a lot of talks. For him it was a self worth issue and feeling trapped by his tics and emotions and how others treated him.

      The drop form is alcohol based and must be diluted well. I don't offer that to my son but the teenagers use it for relaxing before tests or helping them sleep before a big exam.

      The pill I referred too: I have seen little effect with my son using it though others in my household like it very much.

      We still struggle keeping a sleep pattern consistent in our household. I have found that getting enough exercise makes a major difference in my son. The more active the better he rests.

      I intentionally did not provide names of products on this forum since it could be misunderstood that this forum supports them. I am a volunteer and a mom. I was hoping for some feed back from others on the topic.

      I am sure there are a number of products on the market at any natural food store but we received approval from our Doctor before offering anything to our son. I just took the background information on the products to the family Doctor and was instructed by him which ones to avoid.

      Steve made a very good point on another thread. The products you find at the natural food store do not meet the same requirements as prescriptions and are not monitored the same way. For this reason you must be careful and get your Doctors advice before trying them.

      Does your son have outbursts or melt downs?

      How long has your son been diagnosed with TS?


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        Homeopathic Sleep aids

        Hi PJK,

        I figured out my son had TS about 3 years ago then it was confirmed by his doctor and pediatrician.

        Any outbursts or melt downs he might have are usually within the same range of frequency and intensity as other kids. And obviously this is a big range. Once in a while there is a short period when they are more. This almost always happens right before he comes down with a cold or virus that is floating through his crowd of friends or school.

        Is there some other way I could find out what homeopathic treatment you have found helpful? I am well versed in the use of homeopathy and complementary medicines and understand they have strengths and limitations (mostly unproven by modern science). Any mention of a particular product by me or others on this site should never be considered an endorsement, or prescriptive. All we can do is share and assess our own risks for use individually.



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          Homeopathic Sleep aids


          Illness can trigger more tics and less tolerance in my son too. I guess when the body is more stressed the rest of the system has to react too.

          My son has anxiety and sensory issues so any imbalance can cause a response and it is hard for him to manage the reaction when he is not feeling well. He has come a long way since 2004 but he is still only 12 and has his limitations.

          I tripped over my findings by walking into a homeopathic store that is local in our area.

          There are some items they keep on the shelf because of requests but by explaining our challenges they offered some advice and aimed me in the direction I went. Everything I mentioned is located in the sleep aid section and some are offered in more then one strength depending on if it was meant for a child or adult.

          Thank you for your comment about influencing other readers. What you have said is very true. I appreciate you understanding.


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            Homeopathic Sleep aids

            Information on Melatonin from National Institutes of Health

            Dum spiro spero....While I breathe, I hope

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              Homeopathic Sleep aids

              this is a great article... definitely adds food for thought for those using this for some time

              TSFC Homepage


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                Homeopathic Sleep aids

                This article is in regards to melatonin and Bipolar, but very interesting. Basically a study that shows the effects of light during sleeptime on bipolar patients. But makes me wonder about the effects of light during sleep on us without bipolar even....