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diet and tourettes

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  • diet and tourettes

    I haven't had my son diagnosed yet, but we have an appointment with a neurologist after Christmas. He has lots of vocal tics and large motor movements. They werer at a level where they weren't completely distracting until Halloween. Now they have exploded and he is extremely distruptive to his grade one class. He spent much of last week in the hall or office because of jumping up from his desk, running around, screaming and barking in class.
    Has anyone else experienced such outbursts after a big sugar holiday.
    Any suggestions for reading material?

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    diet and tourettes

    Hi Erin,
    I'm new here too and I also have not yet had my son diagnosed. We are still in the referral process but Halloween was what prompted me to call my family doctor. I knew nothing about Tourette's until several weeks ago when I began to investigate some of my son's behaviours that were worse Halloween week. I don't know if it was the sugar or the excitment or what, but his tics became really bad.


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      diet and tourettes

      Hi Judy
      We are going to see our chiropractor this week while we wait an assessment. She feels that she can offer some support in terms of a diet detoxification as a result of the colours that are used in candy. If we see any good results I'll pass them along.


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        diet and tourettes

        Just wondering if you had any results with chiro or watching your kids sugar intake. I too am in the process of finding out if my son has tourettes and I hadn't considered his tics getting worse after halloween until i read this thread. he has had little shutters for about 2 years but it was a month or so that they got bad and decided to have them looked at. I found the below on a website but can't find it again.

        My 14 year old son went through a series of twitches. We were going to different doctors because we thought he had tourettes. A friend of mine told me her son only started twitching after they moved to an area where there were corn fields. She thought that corn syrup caused her sons twitching. I took my son off of corn syrup (mostly soda pop) and his twitching totally stopped. This has been about two years ago and he doesn't twitch at all now. We allow him to have soda once in a while and he seems to be doing a lot better in school and everything.
        : :
        : : : I would be very interessted in the earth medicine program. My child was recently diagnosed and I am interested in any info that could help her.

        : : : : 14 months ago, my son was diagnosed with Tourette's. He had involuntary tics and noises. When medication did not help, we turned to alternative medicine. We followed a program called Earth Medicine, which included the elimination of sugar and gluten from the diet, in addition to nutritional suppliments. The idea is to "re-adjust" the body's PH and bacterial levels. Eight weeks after the start, the majority of the tics were gone. One year later, the Tourette's diagnosis has been "removed". My son's life has improved dramatically. If anyone is interested in knowing more, (so you can offer this alternative information to someone who is suffering), please let me know. I'd be happy to think someone's life has improved because we passed on this information.


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          Sugar and food colour

          We found dark soda, cookies, bubble gum are all taboo in our household.

          Our 11 yr old drinks fresh juices or (apple frozen so I can add more water)
          sugar free bubble gum and more crackers then cookies. If we are out and I have to give him a soda, it is always clear like sprite or ginger ale.

          Food colour makes a big dif in his attitude. Reds, Blues, Purple all a disaster. So jello only comes in Orange & Yellow. My mother in-law picks out all the dark gummy bears from his treat bag in advance. He even has adjusted well enough to pass off the "bad" colours to the other children and they replace them with good shades without a fuss.

          Im glad he is not a big chocolate fan, but he is given hersey kisses (portions controlled) and white chocolate. Halloween is hard for us with so many other children too. We make it a rule to hand over the bag and we give the children controlled portions of treats. The other children have been supportive.

          We have found a problem with milk. He enjoys drinking a lot of it over a days time. The more he has the more temper we see. I have to balance his dairy intake and restrict milk only when eating meals.
          We tested for lactose problems but he does not have any.

          We balance treats and milk with solid food and not a replacement in between meals. Fruit and popcorn works well for that. Sugar seems to break down faster that way.

          We are still learning and our son does have ADHD too. If we think something is setting off his behavior, we issolate it over a couple days and see if it gives the same response, then take it out of his diet.
          Basicly the same rule for food allergies and seems to work for us to control tempers and frustrations.


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            diet and tourettes

            My daughter is 11 now and was diagnosed with Tourettes when she was 6. She went through the vocal ticks and the body ticks, she also has severe bouts with OCD. Her ticks escalated into a type of seizure, it was very difficult to watch as I am sure you have all experienced. Eventually our neurologist suggested Prozac (I know it sounds extreme) it has made a huge difference in her life. The seizures have stopped, most of the ticks are gone, but I would be interested in hearing about the modified diet that is talked about.

            Beverly in Nova Scotia


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              diet and tourettes

              Welcome to the TSFC Forum, Beverly! I see this is your first post, so I'd like to say hello.

              I'll defer to the others who were discussing diet issues, but feel free to join in any ongoing discussion or start as many of your own as you wish.

              Hope you find the Forum helpful.

              Dum spiro spero....While I breathe, I hope

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