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Advice in Vancouver

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  • Advice in Vancouver

    I'm in my early 40s and have had Tourette's since I was a child. Diagnosis was not until my early 20s, and attempts at medications were usually more problematic than the symptoms, which have always been relatively mild except during periods of stress. Most of my life I have had a series a shoulder movements, head nods, some vocal grunting, leg twitching, occasional eye rolling and for a few years was plagued by staring (fixation on certain body parts or specific people when in a crowd). Also experience mild OCD but nothing that interferes with daily life. Have generally managed my symptoms with diet and exercise, and when periods of severe movement occur I usually take sedatives for a few days up until a week until the symptoms recede.

    Eight months ago I was hit by a car on my bicycle and suffered some soft tissue injury and low-level shock. Although I did not suffer any head trauma, there is an indication that my head hit the road. Details are kind of blurry but there was a contusion on the side of my head that bled for a short time. Spent a couple of months recovering, and trying to carry on with school and work, but starting experiencing a sort of grimacing and stretching of my upper lip that eventually worsened and has become one of the more pervasive twitches I've had. My stress level has also been pretty high since the bike accident.

    What I?m trying to find out is if anyone has experience with the onset of a completely new aspect of TS after suffering an accident or a traumatic event, or major periods of TS that were previously controllable to a degree but became unmanageable for long periods of time. I recently retained a lawyer to recover costs due to the accident and have been advised to consider the increase in TS as a symptom of the bike accident. I live in Vancouver and my GP is not able to provide me with much information in regards to this or any specialists living here.

    Any help on this is really appreciated. For the first time in my life I miss the subtleties of my old symptoms as I struggle with the severity of this entirely new one.

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    re: advice in Vancouver

    There is a Tourette's specialist in Vancouver (and he's very good), and your GP may not have thought to send you to him as he is at BC Children's Hospital. I have included his contact information below. I hope it helps.

    Roger D. Freeman, M.D., Clinical Head, Neuropsychiatry Clinic
    BC's Children's Hospital, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6H 3V4
    Clinical Professor of Psychiatry & Associate Member, Dept of Pediatrics,
    University of British Columbia


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      Advice in Vancouver

      3 years ago, I was playing baseball and swung at a pitch and dislocated my right kneecap. Before the injury, I had never really had a twitch or anything in my knees, but 2 months after the surgery while I was inphysical theropy, I began a twitch in my right knee. It was almost like my body knew that my knee was injured, and intentially formed a tic there. I have since seen the doctor and he said I have a had a slower recovery due to my inability to rest and relaxe my knee. I too was wondering though if after an injury or accident if the tics increase and if its common for them to only worsen in the affected area. But, I have not talked to my doctor directly about it and unfortunatley can only speculate.
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