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New drug therapies?

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  • New drug therapies?

    My son was finally diagnosed after years of dr's visits back when he was about 11. Since then i have battled with him about taking his medications (respiradol) and finally gave up. He voluntarily went back on chlonodine at age 16, but like everything else he stopped doing that as well. Now he finds at 19 his ticks are unbearable and he finds himself embarassed. We are now talking about going back to see about meds once more but wondered if there are any new ones on the market that perhaps have less side effects or are more effective. The fatigue with both prior drugs was pretty severe and if possible we would like to at the very least lessen that. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    New drug therapies?

    Hello Jackie, and welcome to the TSFC Forum!

    Many people with Tourette have difficulty with compliance in taking their medications because of the way some people experience medication related adverse effects.

    There is no magic bullet among medications, and there is no medication which is side effect free. Each person responds differently to a given medication, because the chemical balance of each of our bodies is affected differently.

    I would submit that one person's success or failure with a particular medication should not affect your or your son's decision to try that med.

    A consultation with a specialist with experience with and clinical interest in Tourette Syndrome is your best course of action.

    Considering the extent to which your son's quality of life is affected by his Tourette, a competent professional evaluation would be required to determine what type of medication therapy would be appropriate.

    The choice of therapy must be made on a benefits to quality of life vs risk or inconvenience of side effects and these options can only be provided by a physician with experience in treating Tourette Syndrome.

    Have a look at the Postings in our Treatment Options Section where Forum members have reported on their experiences with various modes of therapy.

    Have you been in contact with a local Tourette support organization?

    Has your son had any success with suppressing or re directing his tics?

    We're glad you have joined us and we'll be looking forward to a continuing dialogue with you and perhaps your son on the Forum.
    TouretteLinks Forum


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      New drug therapies?

      Welcome Jackie!

      I'm glad you found us and Steve have provided some good advice.

      Sometimes it takes bouncing around to find the right med's and you need a physician that understands and works with patients that have TS.

      Usually if you do the leg work and tell the family Doctor he will refer after you explain the physicians background and location.

      That approach has always helped us get it right the first time.

      Please keep us posted on your progress and feel free to jump into a topic or respond to a post.

      Take care


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        finding the right meds

        Thank you for your replies. My son has been seen at the movement disorder clinic in London Ontario and was taken off respirdal and placed on chlonadine. He has an appointment with his new family doctor today and we will see what he suggests. I am not sure what his experience is in this area, perhaps a referral back to the clinic will arise or simply refilling his meds. I did attend a few meetings with the local tourette support group in my city here back a few years ago, things settled down a bit and we lost touch. We will see what comes of today, but thanks for your support.



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          New drug therapies?

          Unless your family physician isin contact with the movement disorder clinic and is following their instructions, I would be cautious if the family physician, independently decides to alter your son's treatment program.

          If a treatment program was initiated by a specialist, then it should be the specialist who makes modifications, unless instructions have been provided to your family physician.

          Do you have a follow up arrangement or continuing dialogue arrangement with the specialist to report on your son's progress with the clonidine?

          FYI there is a discussion on clonidine on the Forum HERE
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