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Basic Concepts Of CBIT Explained

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  • Basic Concepts Of CBIT Explained

    Having been interested in CBIT since this modality of treatment for Tourette tics first emerged some ten years ago in research studies, I became interested in learning more about why this non medication therapy was gaining the interest of not only international Tourette specialists, but also international Tourette Syndrome advocacy organizations.

    As an adult who has lived with Tourette Syndrome for over half a century, I began noticing some similarities in the strategies I serendipitously discovered in managing my own symptoms over the decades, so I devoted time and effort to learn more about CBIT.

    I was given the opportunity to meet Dr. Douglas Woods, one of the innovators and researchers in developing CBIT, having the opportunity to sit in on a CBIT training session for medical professionals, and later sitting in on other lectures by Professor Woods on CBIT.

    Since then I have had heard other Tourette specialists discuss CBIT thereby gaining further insights into this newly developed therapy that can be taught in about eight weeks that many of us adults with Tourette learned on our own by trial and error over decades, to help manage our symptoms.

    Based on the knowledge I gained I have written the attached article titled Basic Concepts of Comprehensive Behavioural Intervention for Tics (CBIT) attached to this post as a PDF document that can be downloaded for reading / printing.

    This article was the basis of the recent blog articles on the Tourette Canada (TSFC) blog.

    My intention is to explain what CBIT is and what it isn't, while providing an overview of exactly what takes place between the therapist and the client.

    I hope you find the attached article informative.

    Feel free to post your own comments, views, experiences and questions in connection with behavioural therapy for Tourette tics.

    This article can also be retrieved HERE

    nb. this article has been updated as of May 29, 2016, and includes embedded links to the four part video referred to HERE
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