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Disneyworld!!!...What to expect...

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  • Disneyworld!!!...What to expect...

    Hi all,

    We are planning a trip to Disneyworld, Florida in June with out 10 year old son. My hubby really wants to take him. He has motor tics. I am a little concerned as to how he will react to all the sensory stimulation. He seems to be bothered at the movie theatre and tics a lot more when there. I don't know if it is just the excitement of the movie or if it is truly over-stimulation. We can't go to the "new" releases because of the surround sound technology. It seems to freak him out. We usually wait until the movie comes into the discount theatre which doesn't have the surround sound technology. We took our daughter to Disney 14 years ago and I have to admit that the whole place started to work on my nerves. It seems as though things are jumping out at you and in your face at many of the attractions. After 2 days, I was ready to leave and do something more calming. I loved SeaWorld...very calming.
    We are driving there so we can come and go as we please and are not on a time schedule. I was thinking of taking a day in between to just hang out at the pool and take a break from all the commotion.
    Has anyone experienced this type of vacation and do you have any suggestions as to how you eased the frenzied pace that is part of it?
    Thanks for any suggestions.


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    Disneyworld!!!...What to expect...

    Hi Grammy and welcome to our forum

    I have not taken my kids to Disney, yet, but I did travel there with a group as a volunteer with some kids on a flight sponsored by Air Canada called Dreams take Flight. What we did because we were traveling with 7 very different young children to ensure we maintained contol and they were not too over-stimulated, was that we sat with a map of the rides and made a plan of what we would do while there. This helped with ensuring what happened once we went inside the doors and then the kids saw everything for the first time. Otherwise things could have gottten crazy.

    I find that no matter what I do with my kids, when we go somewhere we need to have a Plan otherwise they want to go in all directions... this way they know what to expect and there is more control.

    Since you have been there before you may find it easier to determine what rides and venues will give him the level of stimuation he can tolerate, if that makes sense. If your son is anything like my boys, he is reacting due to sensory defensiveness.

    Another member discussed this type of trip alreay on the forum but from a little diefferent perspective. Here is the link to the Discussion

    Good luck and hopefully other will pop in and share their experiences. Hope we see you here again.

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      Thanks Janet

      Hi Janet,

      Thanks for your suggestions. I think I will make a plan of a sort to follow. Last time we went we didn't do that. I did miss a few things I wanted to see myself. I can't go as fast anymore either (LOL!). I'm sure a lot of things have changed as far as the attractions. I'm sure, as you said, one's senses get overloaded at a place like Disneyworld. I know mine do. One thing, though, my son is not at all hyper. If anything, he often needs to be motivated to do things.
      I did check out the previous discussion about Disney. Thanks.
      Good information there also.



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        Disneyworld!!!...What to expect...

        Hi Grammy,

        I think it is wonderful that you are going to take your grandson to Disneyworld.

        I don't want to put a damper on your excitement but have you heard in the news lately about people having health problems from taking part in some of the risky rides?

        The rides are very fast and push the human body to the extremes at times and in people with health problems already, then the effects are adverse. Steph


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          Thanks Steph...

          Hi Steph,

          Thanks for the notice about the rides. I do plan on being cautious and regarding all warnings on the rides. For instance, I can't go on rides that exclude people with back pain. I really don't plan on him going on any drastic type of rides. I agree that people push themselves to the limit on these rides. These are not the same amusement park rides that I went on in the 60's. My daughter just warned me about the Mission Space ride. She had gone 2 summers ago. She also warned me of certain rides that she thought would not be appropriate for my son (her brother), whether is be safety reasons or fear reasons. My son is really into the shows and musicals, so she suggested a number of shows that are good.
          No Tower of Terror for us!!!!. I plan on taking it slowly and I know we are not going to see half the things there, but that's okay.
          Thanks again for the warning. I appreciate it.



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            Disneyworld!!!...What to expect...


            for my son
            I just assumed that it was your grandson, because your name is grammy, sorry grammy! Preceptorship starts tomorrow and I have a lot of other things on my mind therefore, my brain is not working very well.

            I hope you have a great trip and please share with us your experiences. Steph


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              Hi Steph,

              Don't think twice about it. I am a grandmom also! I have a 5 year old grandson and a 25 year old daughter who live with me. I get that all the time. People think I am my grandson's mom and that the boys are brothers. They act like it. (Fighting half the time, playing the other half) Thanks again.