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Expecting so much from Kids

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  • Expecting so much from Kids

    I find that some adults expect kids to act perfect and kids with TS+ just can't do it.

    When I see other adults looking down on my son because he can't sit still sometimes or talks louder than other kids then I want to tell them to stop it because he has TS and he can't help it.

    I don't want everyone to know that he has TS but sometimes the negative attitudes of others really bothers me.

    How do you handle these tough situations.

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    Expecting so much from Kids


    I've had these experiences myself and have mentioned them in other posts. It is frustrating and now that my son is older he reads people better and recognizes when someone is not responding well.

    Oddly enough most of my experiences have been in Doctor's offices though we have has a few in the mall or at the movies.

    What I feel like doing and what I actually do are two different things.

    Usually I take him out of the situation as quickly as possible and if timing is right I return without him and pass some literature their way to read and express their response is detrimental to my son's development and self esteem.

    Adults are like children, you have to catch them in the act to make them aware of their responses and behavior or they immediately take offense.

    One thing I have learned is never take the defensive no matter what because your child will be the one to pay for it in the long run, though a dirty look goes a long way..