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To live with Tourette syndrome

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  • To live with Tourette syndrome


    I have never personally met someone with Tourette syndrome. And I would very much like to better my understanding of the condition.

    How is it to live with Tourette syndrome? How does it affect your everyday life and meetings with other people? How does people around you respond?

    Thank You for sharing your experiences.

    Harald B

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    Re: To live with Tourette syndrome

    Hi Harald

    Welcome to our forum. It is great to see you interested in learning more about Tourette Syndrome (TS) what prompted your visit to our site? We have many people who visit us daily so I am sure you will meet many who will share their experiences.

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      Re: To live with Tourette syndrome

      Living with TS... hmmmm. It's... interesting? Never boring?

      I guess it strongly depends on the severity of your symptoms. Mine aren't all that bad, so others may paint a different picture. Tourette's can be socially awkward at times, and it can be tiring having to explain why you're behaving the way you do (the alternative is to allow people to think you might be crazy). But generally, my experience has been that people are pretty accepting once they understand what's going on.

      My work life hasn't been affected in any major way. Most of the time, TS alone isn't the largest problem -- it's the other co-morbid disorders that often come with it. ADHD, ADD, OCD... it's like a bulk deal for many people. My OCD has caused me to seek a few minor workplace accommodations, but it's been manageable.

      Having severe tics can make it difficult to find work. Despite the fact that the law prohibits discrimination, those who can't hide their tics in a job interview usually have more trouble.

      I've heard some complain that they have trouble getting dates (or second dates) because of their tics. That's probably true. I was pretty lucky in that field to find someone who's not phased at all by my tics, so I can't speak to that so well.

      It's not a picnic. It's annoying. It's weird. It's a big part of your life -- but it's not the be-all and end-all of who you are. As long as you don't let it get in your way, it doesn't need to limit or define you. There are certainly worse things to have!

      And occasionally, it's fun - or funny. Laughter, in my experience, is the best medicine.


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        Re: To live with Tourette syndrome

        Living with is sometimes interesting neverboring you just have to live with it you can't let it take control of you, you will go nuts take my vocal for instance they bother me and other people. So when I was dianosed I will be going on a drug called pimozed to control the ticks.