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  • kthy is getting help

    last week i posted as a new information seeker. i recieved two responses, thank you very much. i have discussed my symptoms with my dr, who asked why my parents never took me to the dr. reason why, they view this and my schizo-affective disorder a black mark on the family, ie, what one does not know, does not matter. it seems the adderall for my add is an instigator of my tics, so we are weening off of that. thinking about adding a bit of abilify, as it seems to be a help with tourettes. reading papers that mention tourettes possibly being a precurser to schizophrenia and/or schizoaffective disorder. i find this very interesting, as i do struggle with schizoaffective disorder. i do not feel so lost now, and am interested in reading and hearing as much as i can in order to live a more content and peaceful life. considering seeing a neurologist in the future. well, thank you, and i will read on in this forum. people seem to be open when sharing their struggles. kthy

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    Re: kthy is getting help

    Would you be able to provide any links to materials/papers that relate scizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder to TS? Although TS is often related to a variety of anxiety, attention and learning disorders such as OCD, ADHD and some forms of autism... I haven't seen anything closely relating TS and schizophrenia.

    I'm sure there are cases of both occuring, and since certain symptoms of Tourette's (tics, and sometimes coprolalia) occur in schizophrenia as well, I wouldn't be suprised if early onset of schizophrenia could be diagnosed as Tourette's Syndrome.

    But anyways, I'm just curious to see that.

    I'm pleased to hear that you're finding the forums useful, though. Finding out that you're not alone in all of this, and that there's help out there is a big step.