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  • Can't stop myself

    I have been in great control over my tics all semester, even to the point where I had to tell a parent during a parent teacher conference who was expressing concerns about her son having TS, that I've been diagnosed with it since I was 7. I've been in the middle of my first year of grad school, and through it all I've been working in the field, dealing with my mom being seriously injured, and a crunch in work due to my schools reorg crunching the dates I have to get all the work I need done. Even through all this stress I've managed to keep control, mostly through meditation, and the joy I get working with kids. A few weeks ago however I had a major illness that put me in the hospital and on Morphine for a week and a half. After I got off the Morphine I can't seem to stop my tics. I had previously had my tics so under control I didn't even need meds. Now my vocal tics are loud enough and weird enough I can just explain them away with an excuse such as I was clearing my throat or something. Today old tics such as kicking the floor and swinging my arm violently have resurfaced, and I'm worried about heading to my class tomorrow. I work with students with autism so weird behaviors are nothing new there, but I still feel weird about this situation.

    I am not worried about hurting a student, I still have enough control to stop that, I'm worried they'll pick up my behaviors.
    TS and Chorn's disease, two diseases triggered by stress. Why am I going into special education one of the most stressful professions out there?

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    Re: Can't stop myself

    Thank you for sharing your concern. Though I don't know if the morphine did something to trigger your tics, I do know there's no reason to cover up your tics. I know why you do and don't blame you but you shouldn't feel the need to. Adults will understand if you say 'I have a neurological disorder. These noises and acts are involuntary' and with kids, as I work with them too, saying 'my brain is being like a broken record/CD/disk' works for me at least. I've even had a younger girl notice my grunting tics and say with enthousiasm "you're brain's skipping!" I say "yes it is" and that's that.

    As for kids picking up your behaviors...I haven't had any kids copy mine, because I told them it's not fun, but I can't control it. I doubt you'd need to worry
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