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  • Jury Duty

    I was recently selected to serve on a jury. As my TS is mild and I was keen to experience the system, I did not seek a medical exemption. The case was dealing with an adult on charges for allegedly having sex with a minor. He was acquitted by the jury.

    Anyway, here I was sitting there, hoping that I don't let out a laugh or clap while someone is giving evidence in the witness box and thankfully, I didn't. On the third day though, I found myself having to move my legs from side to side to control my movements, instead of the legs jumping up and down by themselves.

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    Re: Jury Duty

    Good for you for not taking the easy way out spiderthug! I am sure it must have been stressful for you. Sitting still for 3 days. That is hard for anyone to do. You must feel a sense of accomplishment for doing your civic duty!