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Back after quite a while.........

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  • Back after quite a while.........

    Hi All,

    I have two kids with TS plus and a husband, undiagnosed. Take one day at a time. Have learned so much through my son and daughter, now 13 and almost 11!

    I am joining you now as an Educational Assistant student at Sheridan College in Mississauga, Ontario. My assignment is to join a forum and participate! Having just attended the conference this week, I thought the TSFC would be the perfect choice.

    My hope is that you may share with me your insight, frustrations and expectations you might have of the educational system. This is why I changed my career and to train as an EA.

    Hope to chat with you soon!

    Respectfully, Kim

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    Re: Back after quite a while.........

    You went to the conference? That's great! Did you learn anything there? We'd love to hear about it, and get feedback.

    Educational system: for me, I always come back to, what DOES a teacher do in a class of 20 where (statistically speaking) 2 of them should be ADHD, 1 of them should tic, 1 should have something on the Autism spectrum, and 3 of them should just be plain old bullies?? I could not teach in a classroom, myself, I admit it. I honor those that do.

    How do we go back and re-educate the educators, without insulting them, so that it has a direct impact on the kids who are now primary-school age? How do we help them cope with so many wildly distinct disorders in one class? I was diagnosed at the age of 22 - WAY too late for my teachers to help me cope - and most of them did more damage than good as to my TS+ - and that was almost 20 years ago now. (okay, I got on my soapbox, sorry)
    Darin M. Bush, The Tourette Tiger, author of "Tiger Trails"


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      Re: Back after quite a while.........

      Hi Kim

      welcome. I would love to hear how you felt about the conference too. was it your first conference?

      TSFC Homepage


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        Re: Back after quite a while.........

        Yes, I attended the conference which was five minutes away from my home. I attended the educator's track, which I always enjoy. I like to see what educators are being told and how they are presented to. I especially appreciated the empathy exercises, aiding teachers to understand what kids with TS, endure.....

        For me, the disappointment lies in the non-appearance of educators that I know and that I have volunteered for over the past several years. Through our son, his elementary school learned to recognize features of TS and have gone on to identify other students... which is a good thing (as Martha would say)!


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          Re: Back after quite a while.........

          Dear Cologne:

          Do you have the Educators Handbook?? If not, you should buy a copy to use as a reference. It has been very helpful to the staff at my son's school.



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            Re: Back after quite a while.........

            Hi Jenny,

            Thanks for the reference. Actually, I have donated many of the educator's handbook to various educators over the years. I also have a couple in my personal library.

            They are an excellent resource and often will help educators with other children. I have always felt that any accommodations or modifications that work for our children will invariably help others! :-)

            Thanks for your response!



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              Re: Back after quite a while.........

              Cologne, I'll pass on the positive feedback to my mother. Thanks!

              If you want to see the most amazing empathy tools for Learning Disability, check out Richard LaVoie's "Fat City" - video might be available in library or schools.
              Darin M. Bush, The Tourette Tiger, author of "Tiger Trails"