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Ugh! Bad Couple Weeks

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  • Ugh! Bad Couple Weeks

    Hey everyone!
    I've only been on here once before, but I thought I'd just let off some steam, as people put it,

    I have had some major anxiety attacks the last month or two, (I have a severe anxiety disorder) I actually had to go to the hospital Wed 'cause they we're getting to bad. If anyone else has them, do you have any suggestions?
    The doctor gave me Lorazepam to try, it was working so well until tonight, I had my bowling league and was majorly nervous and panicky,

    I'm also on haldol for my TS and sertraline for my anxiety.
    Anyone else on these meds? Anything work for them?
    I've seen the family doctor, tried relaxation techniques, self talk, etc, etc,
    and nothing seems to help my anxiety. To make things worse, my TS has been increasingly worse the last 2-3 weeks, (mostly my vocal tics) some just grunts, but some come out as offensive words,

    Anyways, sorry for such a long story, just had to let it out!

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    Re: Ugh! Bad Couple Weeks

    Finding a relaxation technique that suit you is highly desirable. Be it meditation, yoga, listening to classical music, walking in a park or along a beach or whatever, find what helps you relax. Learning to recognise the early signs and how to manage them is also highly desirable.


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      Re: Ugh! Bad Couple Weeks

      I used to have bad anxiety attacks before I had the diagnosis of Tourette's. Knowing I had Tourette's helped. The fact that that yours seem to persist makes me feel unqualified to answer but I will give it a shot anyways.

      What Spider said is true. Try to find a relaxing activity, maybe one you can do on the spot (paced breathing exercises for example) when you become aware that you are having an attack or an attack is creeping up on you. Being aware of when it is coming is important. Knowing what will relax you is also important.


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        Re: Ugh! Bad Couple Weeks

        I've had anxiety for a while, along with OCD and TS. I used to get pretty bad panic attacks and stuff. I still d once in a while, but since I've been on medication it's been a lot better(especially the OCD, which outweighed the GAD).

        Anyway, I'm currently on Clonidine for TS and Celexa for Anxiety. What dose are you on for the sertraline? Maybe you could consider an increase, depending on the dose you're on now.
        I don't really have much experience with benzos, but I'd have a talk with your doctor about any changes you can make.

        Also, what helps me when the meds aren't being too helpful is listen to music or do something to keep my mind at ease orat least considerably focused (I tend to pace frequently to sort out my thoughts. I also used to meditate, though it's hard to get into, it can sometimes help.

        Anyway, sorry for this huge answer, I hope I could help. Good luck with your anxiety.