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  • Place association

    i find that i often don't think about tics or twitches until i get into a certain location,which maybe, i have previously ticked in; i seem to automatically start doing the same one; for example, i find myself wanting to sniff when i first get into the bath, or to blink when i get onto an exercise bike at the gym, or sit on a plane, and there is a sort of auto suggestive power here which is very difficult to overcome

    but another strange phenomenon which i would be curious to know if anyone else has, is that an automatic thought will come into my head, usually involving another person whenever i do certain (often mundane) regular tasks it could be brushing teeth, or mowing the grass, whereby at various points in the process, there is an automatic recall of somebody, whom i must have been thinking about on a previous occasion at that same location; there are endless examples of this; it is not a problem, but i don't previously think of that person, and then the thought suddenly enters my head

    it seems to me that these things may be related; that once you have thought something or ticced in a particular location, the strong power of auto suggestion takes over the brain.

    anyone else with similar experiences ?

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    Re: place association


    Have you ever received a thorough evaluation of your symptoms by the physician who diagnosed your Tourette, or other mental health specialist familiar with Tourette Syndrome, to determine to what degree, if at all, your diagnosis might include any of the so-called co-morbid diagnoses associated with Tourette, such as OCD?

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      Re: Place association

      This certainly rings a bell for me. I classify my tics based on where they occur ("classroom tics," "bus tics", "walking tics" etc.). Similarly, particular tics of mine are associated with certain positions; when I'm having multiple bouts of a particular tic, standing up or readjusting myself in my seat can provide me with a reprieve from that tic.

      I'm not sure I've had the same experience of thinking about a particular person when doing certain activities, but there are certain phrases, (sort of internal verbal tics) that regularly spring to mind when I'm in a given location (for example, everytime I pass by the church on my block, I think "object in motion", regardless of what else I might have been thinking about previously).

      I think classical conditioning might play a role in it.