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Transient Tics or Something Else?

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  • Transient Tics or Something Else?

    Hello Im new to the forum and joined to get some insight from others who have loved ones or themselves experience tics. My son who is 3 1/2 back in August started a weird eye blinking all of a sudden one night. The next morning i called the pediatrician and explained to her what was going on and she asked if he had anything else going on and he did at the time have lots of sneezing, congestion, and runny nose so she figured the eye blinking was coming from allergies and had me to give him Zyrtec and said to call back in a week if symptoms didn't clear.

    After about 7 days of the Zyrtec all the symptoms had cleared including the eye blinking so I never gave a second thought to anything else being wrong. Well now again starting back on Nov 1st the eye blinking started again, but also note he was sneezing, congested, and runny nose so i just thought allergies again and started the zyrtec, i gave it for about 7 days but was seeing no real difference in the eye blinking getting better so i stopped giving it to him and called his pediatrician.

    She at this point has been unable to see him yet we have and appt scheduled for 11/29, because I am pretty much sure this is now a tic. I notice he only does it when he's around strangers and uncomfortable, (he's a very shy child but warms up after a while and is his normal energetic self) and i notice it when he's sleepy and ocassionaly just randomly.

    After tons of research online i read about magnesium deff being found in alot of young children with tics so i started him on Kids Natural Calm 1 week ago today. He was in a uncomfortable situation on Wed this past week and i saw about 4 or 5 hard blinks but only one blink not a repettative blink like before and in the last 3 days i actually have seen none a couple days and only like one or two single hard blinks the other. He has been rubbing his eyes and he is still pretty congested so i'm thinking could be some irritation there causing that.

    But I guess my question is from what i've read up on to be diagnosed as transient tics they need to occur for at least 4 weeks straight nearly everyday which at this point now I'm not going to say the tic is gone yet but we're only on about 2.5 weeks going now and it certainly seems as if its gone or almost and the time before only lasted a little over a week.

    Could Allergies really be the cause of the eye blinking? I just question that because i noticed the only time it normally occurs is stressed and fatigued times. Does being sick bring out bouts of tics? or can this be considered Transient Tic Disorder.

    Im so sorry for such a long post but as I said i'm new and just really concerned and worried . Also we have no family history of Tics or Tourettes on either side.
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    Re: Transient Tics or Something Else?

    Welcome to the TSFC Forum, ans0925!

    At this point, your best advice might be to ignore any of the behaviours that seem to be tics and wait until your son is seen by the doctor at the end of November.

    By focusing attention on whatever your son might be doing, whatever the cause might be, would only seem to increase his anxiety and probably increase the behaviour.

    Until your doctor can give you some guidance on what might be going on, your best strategy might be to provide a calm and relaxing environment for your son and to ignore the tic behaviour.

    After tons of research online .............
    A great deal of information contained on the internet can be misleading or just plain inaccurate, while other sites offer worthless advice or alternative ineffective treatments.

    When dealing with tic behaviours in children, the only way to accurately know what is going on is to consult a competent medical professional such as a pediatrician or perhaps a neurologist with an understanding of tic disorders to evaluate your child.

    At this time there is no blood test or other diagnostic test for Tourette, and tics in children can be caused by other factors and not necessarily Tourette Syndrome. Only a doctor or other competent medical professional with clinical experience with tic disorders and Tourette can provide an accurate diagnose.

    In the meantime, use our Forum to inform yourself about Tourette Syndrome so when you see the doctor at the end of November, you will be armed with enough information to assist your doctor in determining your son's situation.
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