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Is this Tourette's??

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  • Is this Tourette's??

    I really don't know if I have tourette's or not but here are some of the things I've been going through.

    Growing up I had what my family & doctors called a speech impediment where if some one asked me a question, I would answer them but I would repeat my answer in a soft whisper. I thought it had gone away but it had became such a habit that I didn't realize I was still doing until after the "twitching" became more agressive. I don't always remember twitching a lot as a kid but I know for sure it was bad in high school. I tried to tell my mom about it but all she did was say that I'll be alright.

    I remember always being in my room just laying down twitching and I wanted to tell someone so badly about what I was going through but I honestly couldnt tell if it was happening against my will or I was making it up. I thought I was going crazy. Just recently I told my mom how bad it was and she finally took me to the doctor's. That day she saw for herself what I had been going through.

    But she didn't seemed phased by it. The doctor's told me that the neurologist would contact me back but I never got the call. These "twitching" episodes have been on and off all my life but recently it has gotten worse. Sometimes I can go a few weeks without even thinking about it or it even happening but just one day it hits me out of nowhere. And when it does, its bad. I have the urge to yell out words and the urge to hit myself.

    I feel this feeling in my throat where I have to hum or make some kind of breathy noise. I have the urge to repeat words that I hear or movements from other people that I see. I get chills non stop. I feel uneasy at times. Where I'm sitting down but I have to stand up quickly because of a "feeling? I get. And everything I do, I do because it makes me feel better. I feel like its a release.

    But it only feels good if I do it the right way. Say if I have the feeling to jerk my neck to the side, it has to be done perfectly or I have to keep doing it until I feel like I finally released the feeling. I just wish I had an official diagnosis of what's going on with me.

    I'm going to an out of state college soon and I want to figure it before I go. None of this makes sense and I just wish I had some direction.

    Can anyone help???
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    Re: Is this Tourette's??

    Hello bjross and welcome to the Forum!

    As you can appreciate, we cannot provide any diagnosis here, which can only be sone by a medical professional who can see you in person for a face to face interview to be able to observe you.

    Many of the symptoms you describe might suggest considering a possibility of a movement disorder, or perhaps some form of anxiety disorder, but that is only speculation and needs to be verified in person.

    It's not uncommon for a parent to be in denial when their child expresses concern about behaviours that the parent does not fully understand or has fears of stigma or might even be reminded of things that might have been observed in other family members.

    It sounds like you are probably old enough now to take charge of your own health care, and the only way you can deal with your situation realistically is to make your own arrangements to be seen by the neurologist.

    Call back the doctor who was suppposed to make the referral to follow up, and ask what arrangenets, if any have been made. There might be a waiting list, the neurologist might be on vacation, or the referral might have gotten lost.

    Keep notes of all the symptoms you have experienced, with notes of when they started (at what age) and the progression of your symptoms over the years.

    Think about whether you noticed anyone in your family with similar expressions as well, as this wouod be important information for your neurologist.

    Do you have access to medical services on your own without involving your parents, such as the medical services at the college you will be attending?

    Remember, that if indeed your diagnosis happens to be Tourette, that the expressions of Tourette are not behavioural, and do not relect on an weakness in character, and they are not "habits" but rather involuntary expressions of a neurological disorder. The brains of people with Tourette are hard wired that way, and the expressions are involuntary.

    That being said, there are strategies you can learn through behavioural therapy that may assist in suppression or redirecting tic expressions, but in order to determine if any of this is applicable to you, you need to take the necessary steps to take charge of your situation, arrange to be seen by a competent specialist and receive a proper evaluation.
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      Re: Is this Tourette's??


      Do you have any known relatives that have it? that may help you out in getting a diagnosis from a doctor. My grandfather, for example, always cleared his throat and sniffed (I say sniff, but it was actually a short shot of air out of his nostrils) and he was barely aware of either. he didn't get a diagnosis until shortly after I did last year, when he was 74.

      you may find a question I recently asked on this forum helpful for going off to college!

      In the meantime It wouldn't hurt to get an appointment with your doctor. What many people do not realize is that TS is actually fairly common, affecting about every 1 in 100 people in some way or another. Unfortunately there is a stigma attached to TS because of its seemingly abrupt symptoms, 'vulgar', yet rare, vocal tics, and our societies apparent obsession with psychotic disorders. (Which don't include TS, as it is a neurological disorder.) This has resulted in stereotypes about People with Tourette's that are by and large incorrect and based on myth and ignorance. Don't be afraid to book an appointment yourself if your family doesn't think you need to. You're the one with the discomfort!

      Good luck, and do not hesitate to ask questions.

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