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Random tics vs tics that you pick up

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  • Random tics vs tics that you pick up

    Hi everyone,

    Sorry I have been away from the forum for such a long time. I have been very busy. But I have got some time so I decided to put up a new thread here. Megan is doing good. She started high school now and everyone has accepted her so amazingly. She has new friends now, and even goes to her friends place to have pizza and watch movies which never did in elementary school. And she is doing really good at school this year. Great in science and math. I am so proud of her. Her vocal tics have got worse, at least to me they have.

    She used to do random vocal tics like barking like a dog, or meowing like a kitten. But now she has vocal tics that she sees on tv or watches a program on youtube and she will use words or phrases from what she listens to.

    I was wondering how common this is compared to random tics in which even Megan would say "I don't where that came from". She still has an amazing attitude. Still wish she come on the forum, but that is her choice, hopefully one day soon.

    I will make a better effort to be here, read and share opinions. Still hoping I can contribute in some way here, as I am still relatively new to this.


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    Re: Random tics vs tics that you pick up

    Nice to see you back on the Forum. Thanks for the updates, Craig!
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