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Mandated Tourette Awareness Education in Schools

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  • Mandated Tourette Awareness Education in Schools

    Imagine... imagine... a world where, when a school is informed that one of its students has a Tourette diagnosis, it promptly contacts the appropriate Tourette support organization to schedule a teacher training session, and, if the family desires, a peer awareness presentation as well.

    Well, that's what the Greater New York State chapter of the Tourette Association is seeking to set up, with a petition, and an upcoming meeting with the State Assistant Commissioner for Special Education, Christopher Suriano.

    If you are 13 or up, and live in New York State, you can sign the petition.

    If you don't live in New York, you can still help spread the word, to acquaintances and to social media.

    Also, you can be inspired to build the movement for mandated Tourette education where you live too!

    The petition:

    The story of how we got the meeting with the assistant commissioner, which is basically a story about turning straw into gold: