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Excellent Medication for Tourette's

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  • Excellent Medication for Tourette's

    I have been affected by Tourette's for 53 years. I wasn't diagnosed with Tourette's until 1993. Before then I was simply told by physicians that it was simply a case of bad nerves.

    I twitch as well as have vocal tics.

    I had tried everything to provide relief from these with little effect. Approximaterly a year ago my therapist recommended a medication which is supposedly directed specially for Tourette's. It is drug called Nitoman.

    I find it an excellent medication.

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    Re: Excellent Medication for Tourette's


    Thank you for sharing your experience with the success of Nitoman (tetrabenezine).

    Tetrabenazine belongs to a group of medications known as monoamine depleting agents. Tetrabenazine helps to eliminate or reduce involuntary movements associated with hyperkinetic (abnormally increased) movement disorders, such as Huntington's disease, hemiballismus, senile chorea, tics due to Tourette syndrome, and tardive dyskinesia. Tetrabenzaine is not used to treat movement problems caused by the medication levodopa.

    Monoamine depleting agents such as tetrabenazine work by decreasing the amount of naturally-occurring chemicals called monoamines in the brain. Monoamines include dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. Having too many monoamines in the brain is believed to be a cause of certain movement disorders.

    Would you elaborate on how well you tolerated the medication during the initial startup period, and how soon did you notice relief of symptoms? In your case, to what degree have your symptoms been relieved? What, if any, unexpected adverse reactions did you experience during start up or on the long term?

    It is always helpful to hear about one's experience with a particular treatment, but your results may not apply to everyone.

    We cannot recommend any medication on the Forum, because the choice of any treatment must be made by each person with their doctor who knows their medical history and can evaluate what is right for them based on the symptoms that need to be relieved along with their medical history.
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