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  • Strange tics

    Just wanting to know what people on this forum think. About 4 weeks ago, my 5 year old son started kicking his legs back, first one and then the other. He sometimes does this every few minutes, sometimes every couple of hours. He even did it while downhill skiing until he fell and then after that he would stop skiing to do it! Then two weeks ago he started straightening his arms a lot. And now he has added twisting his wrists and flexing his fingers. His teacher says that he has noticed some facial tics as well. He doesn't have any other related Tourette's symptoms like hyperactivity or OCD. He can sit and play chess for about an hour at a time and he is at a grade 1 or 2 level in reading. We are going to the Dr. next week but I thought I'd see what experienced people have to say. Also when he does an action like arm straightening, he usually only does it once on each side and not repetitively. Although he'll twist his wrists for awhile. Please, any feedback would be much appreciated!

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    Hi again,
    Just realized that the title of my post was not appropriate. In saying "strange tics" I meant strange in differing from the normal physical behaviour of my son.

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    Re: strange tics

    Welcome to the Forum, Montana. and thank you for joining us.

    Because Tourette Syndrome has to be diagnosed through observation and interview by a competent medical professional, particularly someone with a professional expertise in movement disorders, including Tourette, we cannot ethically offer an opinion as to why your son is expressing these movements.

    That being said, you should be aware that about a quarter of kids express some kind of tic activity sometime during their childhood, referred to a Transient Tic Disorder.

    A diagnosis of Tourette is made by a history of vocal tics as well as motor tics, while associated disorders such as OCD or ADD or ADHD are not pre-requisites for a Tourette diagnosis. These are associated or co-morbid disorders that may or not be be present, but are not an integral part of Tourette Syndrome.

    You are doing the right thing to have your son seen by his doctor to record the concerns, and if your concerns continue, to have your son seen by a specialist with expertise in Tourette Syndrome.

    You may have to do some investigation and vetting on your own to be sure you are consulting someone with Tourette expertise, as not all medical professionals have adequate training and clinical experience for Tourette Syndrome.

    Most important is to avoid drawing attention to his expressions, as stress and anxiety can certainly exacerbate his activity.

    How is the rest of the family responding to your son's movement expressions?

    Are you aware of any family history of tic disorders diagnosed or undiagnosed?
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      Re: strange tics

      Thanks for the info.
      At the start we just joked around with him about his "donkey kicks" until it became apparent that they weren't just to make us laugh. Now we are worried, especially after web searches of the possible things that tics are only symptoms of... cerebral palsy etc. My husband says he used to flick his head for a while when he was young and he always hums when he's nervous or even riding up a chairlift without knowing it! Don't think there is anything like that on my side.


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        Re: Strange tics

        My son's Dr. did a strep test in the office and then a blood test for strep. Both were negative. Unless he had a major head injury recently or was exposed to carbon monoxide, he most likely will be diagnosed w/TS. If your son does not have the co-morbid OCD and ADD then he will be really smart I read that the children w/TS only were only 1% of children w/TS and were above average intelligence.
        Try not to worry about him if he does get dxd w/ts. It's different but not life threatening. Do you have any other children? Do any of them have any "differences?"