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  • Helping tics

    I have found that closing one or both eyes decreases my urge to tic.
    I close an eye and take some deep breaths and the urge is diminished.
    I wonder if anyone is willing to try this technique and post a reply.

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    Re: helping tics

    Welcome to the Forum!

    What is the nature of your particular tic repertoire? Do you have vocal tics as well?

    Do you constantly suppress your tics using this method, or are there times when you feel comfortable to express your tics without any suppression?
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      Re: Helping tics

      My tics are primarily blinking, eye rolling. I do have some milder vocal tics. I use this method whenever I feel there is a surge in my tic level. I find the effect lasts beyond the time i have my eye/eyes closed.

      If i can i close both eyes i do. If i cant, for example i am walking, i close one eye only.

      My theory is that the decreased visual stimulus to the brain puts it in a more relaxed state.

      In more technical jargon I think it relaxes some part of the cortical-striatal-thalamic-cortical circuit that is involved in tourettes and many other brain functions.

      I also think tourettes involves the reward center(nucleus accumbens) and i see analogies between a substance addiction and ticking i.e. the less you tic, the less the urge to tic in the future.

      I do tic more when i am alone, but i never feel comfortable ticking.
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        Re: Helping tics

        i never feel comfortable ticking.
        BTW, just a side note: tics are the expressions of Tourette while ticks are those nasty insects that get under our skin

        the tenses of the verb to tic, use the double c to form the word, as in I am ticcing, despite what your spellchecker tells you .

        Am curious about why you don't feel comfortable when you express your it due to pain or discomfort, embarrassment, feelings of guilt or anxiety or something else?
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