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Does Tourette cause social impairment?

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  • Does Tourette cause social impairment?

    When I was younger, I had such a hard time taking jokes. I took everything too seriously. I was really oversensitive.

    My good friend, who is about 30 years older than me, is a Tourette expert. She says that Tourette is directly responsible for these things.

    What do you guys think?

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    Re: Does Tourette cause social impairment?

    Hi Evening Primrose!

    You say you "had a hard time taking jokes". Do you mean being teased? Can only speak for myself, but I've always loved teasing and being teased. I see it as just a friendly and funny social interaction.

    This is a problem for me, though, because a lot of people don't like being teased. And it often takes me a long time to figure that out with new people I meet. So I mostly try to refrain. Which means I miss out on some good teasing banter. Well, I think mostly everyone tries to follow the Golden Rule. Problem is, not everyone likes to be "done unto" the same way!

    I believe some people draw a very fine line between teasing and taunting. Way I see it, it's all about intent. Goodwill versus ill-will.

    So, when you say "jokes", do you mean something meant to be friendly, or something meant to hurt your feelings, or both? I wonder, do you ever feel like you have trouble telling what someone's intentions are - friendly or hostile - when they joke with you?

    Reason I ask is because I believe that the vast majority of time people mean well. But intentions are sometimes misconstrued. Maybe that's because some people will say hurtful things under the guise of a friendly veneer. So it's hard to tell, and maybe it's better to play it safe and interpret other's intentions in a negative light, than to assume goodwill when it's not there and risk the consequence of being fooled.

    You could talk to a counselor or therapist about this and see if he or she thinks cognitive behavioral therapy would be good for you with this problem. It doesn't take long, and helps a lot of people. I've found it very effective.

    Not sure if I answered your question, but hope I helped a little. There are lots of people here who can advise you better. Just thinking you might wake up early and want to see someone's reply. If so, check back a little later in the morning.