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Tourettes or his bad behaviour

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  • Tourettes or his bad behaviour

    I need a strong and good advice out there.
    My son has tourettes and explosive behavior since he was 9 years old until today, now he is 16 years old. He is on medication Abilify since when he was 14, was on Respridone from 9 to 13. His tourettes with twitches is on his arm and shoulder. Last 5 years when he exploded he will punch on wall (now have more than 10 holes at home) and damaged doors, now he is physically taller and stronger, when exploded he will physically on me and my wife, he always thought that we don't love him, what should we do ?

    Most of time he will say sorry after calmed down but sometime he don't apologise at all. He always blame on the tourettes (me and my wife are confuse whether is his tourettes or his behavior). He is very bossy, demanding, mood swing very fast, no respect to parents but good with his school friends (so far no trouble in school but only problem at home towards me and my wife), he will swear when is unhappy or when told to do something that he suppose to do (example to clean up the table when he has messed up), he is very sensitive to heat or hot day which will make him exploded faster..

    He also very sensitive to our tone when we were not happy with his behavior and he will angry, scream, lots of swearing (he will always sold us lousy parent, hopeless parent, you are so dumb, f@#$ you, bitch and also shout at us to talk nicely, he will over turn the sofa or throw the table lamp and sofa pillow.

    A lot of time his angry and tantrum started when he is asking us a question and wanted us to give him the correct answer that he likes to hear if not he will repeat and continually angry shout at you until he got it from us and this will go on for at least one hour. I'm not sure maybe me and wife don't have skill set to handle this kind of situation of how to calm him down.

    Also, he is now in Adolescence time. We cannot just give way or pamper him just because he has tourettes syndrome.
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    Re: Tourettes or his bad behaviour

    Hello James,

    A Tourette diagnosis is never an excuse for abusive behaviour, and although a Tourette diagnosis may associated disorders like ADD, OCD, mood and anxiety disorders, oppositional defiance disorder and sensory issues, and although tic symptoms may be involuntary, behavioural issues can be managed with appropriate therapy.

    Most of time he will say sorry after calmed down but sometime he don't apologise at
    If your son is remorseful following his outbursts, and recognizes his behaviour is inappropriate, then he should be receptive to learning ways to manage his behaviour. If you and your wife are unable to manage the situation, then perhaps some family counseling would be required so that everyone in the family follows the same strategies when these situations arise.

    Please see Overview of Rage Attacks by Leslie E. Packer, PhD as well as the "sticky" posts in the Forum's Anger Section

    Additionally you may gain some insights from the article attached to the post Tourette Syndrome, Beyond the Tics

    In your earlier discussion here in 2011, you raised many of the same concerns and you asked about cognitive behaviour therapy for your son.

    What if anything came out of that inquiry? Did you locate a therapist to address the issues of rage that your son experiences?
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      Re: Tourettes or his bad behaviour

      Yes, I did enquire one of the therapy but didn't work out.


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        Re: Tourettes or his bad behaviour


        You might find This reading resource helpful:

        Reading Resources TS and Associated Disorders | The Explosive Child: A New Approach for Understanding and Parenting Easily Frustrated, Chronically Inflexible Children
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