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Dealing With School and Accommodations

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  • Dealing With School and Accommodations

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    Sorry about that. Anyways...

    I'm heading back to school in a week, and I'm a bit nervous of how the increased severity of my tics will affect everything. I had some noticeable ticcing during class last year, but none of the teachers really said anything, I think because most people assume my tics are part of my Cerebral Palsy. However, last year was minor compared to what's started this summer.

    I'm in the International Baccalaureate program, which is an advanced academic program known for the rigorous workload. I'm also taking an Advanced Placement (read: college level) class, which is more lecture based than anything else.

    I'm keenly aware that the workload is bound to stress me out, and exacerbate my TS and depression. I wonder how I'll manage sitting in 90 minute classes and doing the homework that comes from that with all of my tics. For me, trying harder to focus on academic work and concentrate makes my tics worse, which creates a viscous cycle. One night, a page in a music theory workbook that should have only taken ten minutes to finish, took half an hour as I was thrust into an motor ticcing episode.

    I have a pretty small list of accommodations in a 504 plan for my CP. What I'm wondering is whether any accommodations I might need for my TS would actually necessitate an IEP, because of a need to occasional leave the room during episodes, or get help during paralysis episodes.

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    Re: Dealing With School and Accommodations

    Hi Jeremy,
    Please talk to your school as soon as possible to get the accommodations you need in place.
    Once students are back in the classroom, they will be flooded and too busy to help you for a while.
    So, assuming classes begin after Labour Day, talk to them this week if you can.
    If anything, they will tell you what supporting documentation they need, and you can follow up,
    before you too become busy with classes.
    Good luck!
    Tina, Forum Moderator, TSFC Staff Liaison

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      Re: Dealing With School and Accommodations

      Hi Jeremyrgp4,

      Under U.S. federal and state education laws, accommodations for tics such as extended time or permission to leave the room, etc. do not require an IEP. They simply get added to the 504 Plan. IEPs are only needed if you need a specialized instructional program or related services to help you benefit from your program and placement.

      You may need a written statement from your physician that accommodations like extended time are medically necessary because of your disability (TS is considered a disability for 504 purposes in your case). But do contact your school district's 504 Chair or the principal of your building to get the ball rolling to request the new/added accommodations.

      Best of luck this school year!

      Leslie E. Packer, PhD
      Find a way or make a way!