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Narcoleptic-type Tic?

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  • Narcoleptic-type Tic?

    My 12yo son with TS (+ADHD, OCD, exec. fcn) sometimes suddenly falls asleep in the middle of the day, with no warning. I mean suddenly. I'm getting a tic sort of feel about this. Has anyone else experienced or observed anything like this? This symptom just started a couple of months ago. Thanks.

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    Re: Narcoleptic-type Tic?

    This is a symptoms I am not familiar with..perhaps others can offer their insights.

    Have you had your son's symptom assessed by a neurologist to actually rule out narcolepsy?
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      Re: Narcoleptic-type Tic?

      It takes months to get an appointment with the neurologist where we live. We do have an appointment set up for December (which I actually made two months ago!).


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        Re: Narcoleptic-type Tic?

        YES! My daughter has this issue. It was one of the first symptoms she had. She was randomly passing out. At first they thought it was a blood sugar issue. Then cataplexy/narcolepsy because she was falling asleep randomly and has insomnia/sleep paralysis. Sometimes she will just collapse with no warning, other times she tries to fight it and almost looks drunk, sleepy eyes, slurring her words but she'll eventually go down. Sometimes for seconds. Sometimes minutes. She says she does feel incredibly sleepy when it's happening and feels like she dreamed sometimes. I'm starting to think it's a tic as well. I'd still like to have a sleep study done but they are not exactly being cooperative about it.


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          Re: Narcoleptic-type Tic?

          Thank you so much for sharing your experience with this, Zoe.

          We went to see a sleep specialist (two hour drive each direction) some time ago (before this symptom started), and it was pretty much a wasted trip. I don't know if we just had bad luck.

          Anyway, I have noticed that the symptom shows up more when my son has an ongoing sleep deficit, and less when he has not been having a lot of bad nights.

          What we've been doing to cope is:
          - If my son heads towards the bedrooms or the living room, and I hear silence, I go check if he's fallen asleep on a bed or on the sofa. If I get him up right away, immediately after he's fallen asleep, it seems to be easier to deal with than if I don't catch it until he's been asleep for five minutes.
          - I do allow a half hour nap when he needs it, but not too late in the day. For example, if it's 5:00 or later, I don't allow it. A 4:00 nap is still okay and doesn't interfere with night-time sleep. (Note, at the sleep center they gave me ridiculous instructions -- no naps at all, ever, at any time, for any length of time.)
          - We use some medications at night. Some are right before bedtime reading and some are in the middle of the night if insomnia strikes. I have found that a psychiatrist is the best person to work with on this, at least where I live.

          Thanks again for sharing your experience, your description was very helpful.