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"IN"voluntary Movements?

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  • "IN"voluntary Movements?

    Hello everyone,
    This is a repost of a thread I made on, however there were not many active users on that forum.

    Last week I went to see a movement specialist disorder. I have developed neck jerking/twitching every few seconds all day every day. This was after months of intense anxiety. The doctor asked me a few questions, such as if I had ticks throughout my life. I have several ticks that have waxed and waned over the years. But they were always UNvoluntary, meaning I could control them and could suppress them to a certain degree.

    The doctor seems to think I have Tourette Syndrome. It really seems to fit, however these completely involuntary neck jerks still do not have me convinced. There is absolutely no way to control them. They happen instantly out of the blue, completely involuntary, many times per minute. They can be invisible jerks (that I can feel) or full on visible jerks.

    Can this neck jerking be part of TS? Does anyone know from personal experience? Has anyone had any completely involuntary tics?

    Thank you for your time
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    Re: "IN"voluntary Movements?


    I haven't responded until now because of our earlier discussion on the TA Forum, but if you would like to continue the discussion here, I would be pleased to do so.

    Also if you need information about Tourette resources in Canada, let me know. You can always look at the website of Tourette Canada

    Perhaps other Forum members might have their own comments to offer.
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