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  • law school paper

    Hey Folks,

    As a law student, I have the option of completing an academic paper on a subject of my choosing (providing I can find a faculty member to supervise).

    I thought it might be fun to do something that would be of interest to the TS community (although I imagine the paper itself would be quite boring).

    Anyone have some ideas on what might be a good topic? The disability tax credit discussion from another thread seemed to peek my interest.

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    law school paper

    Hi Adam

    I like the tax issue too. Are you in Canada?

    You may like to partner with the TSFC and ask if there is something they are interested in exploring ie something they can benefit from since they have limited resources to have legal issues researched.

    I look forward to what you decide to make your focus. Good luck!

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      law school paper


      Being a law student, what about equal rights for education?

      Recently it has been considered to place TS under Autism from what I understand. If this is the case then some children with TS could be considered unable to attend public or catholic school and would be forced to attend a special needs school. For someone with a reading level 3 years above average and math skills of a high school student, a child in elementary would flounder and retreat in a special needs school.

      What do you think?

      You also can consider equal rights for protection from abuse. Anxiety can be an issue like stress with a TS child and in the wrong environment it is easy the pass a child by with TS and blame them for the behavior of the care giver or parent out of frustration. Most TS children have average or above average IQ's and know what is happening to them.

      I would enjoy hearing from you.


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        law school paper

        Hi PJK

        Can you point me to where you are getting the info on TS being put under Autism in schools? I haven't heard anything about this.

        TS is not part of the Autistic Spectrum. If your information is coming from an official source, then we need to flag it for the National office and the Education and Advocacy Committee.

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          law school paper


          Clarification: The medical professionals are claiming that TS could be considered on the same level as austism. The notice was posted earlier in the summer on this forum. It concerned me personally and I do not like to see Disorders being bunched together.

          The subject rose again when:
          Hi Steve,
          I have a friend who is doing a higher degree in autism and children and I remember her saying that she was taught (this year) that TS was now considered to be on the autistic scale. If so, then all kids with TS are autistic (which confirms the study )
          I tend to believe this as Tim did some tests recently and came up with some 'off the chart' results for certain number type puzzles - a sort of classic autism thing (not that I am an expert)?
          Also, it may explain that some folk with TS may typically have Aspergers, ADHD, OCD etc. (all of which I feel Tim has a touch of - though not officially - one is enough)

          This was another concern after a posting on more information about Autism from Steve. The reading was full of information about the disorder.

          I am not stating the school boards at this time are combining the two disorders in the decission to accept a student. At least I am not aware of any personally.

          What my concern is, if professionals consider bunching TS and Autism together then what will be the results when schools follow the researchers opinion and classify our children out of regular school.

          I find with the system they do not like providing services for our children, some because of money and others because of staff and inconvenience.

          A child with multiple disorders is not always accepted by the system since they create more work for staff. This has been our experience.

          Again, I would really like to see the topics on the forum reallocated under the right subjects so reference is easier.

          I hope I made my statement more clear and hope I have not mislead any readers on the forum.

          We have a young adult in our family with Autism and have seen what the schools do to the parents and the children. I would not wish it on anyone's child.

          There is currently a child in Juv. Detention in Hamilton not because he broke the law, but because his "melt downs could not be controlled" and Childrens Services stated that "under the circumstances it is the best place for him." He is Autistic. CH-H News

          What the system can do to children with disorders is appalling.


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            law school paper

            Originally posted by PJK

            If this is the case then some children with TS could be considered unable to attend public or catholic school and would be forced to attend a special needs school.
            Wow, are there areas in Ontario that still have "special needs schools" for children with Autism? I mean, putting the whole debate about TS being part of Autism or not aside, this statement concerns me. I'll admit that often children with Autism and other special needs are not understood and/or accomodated appropriately for in their neighbourhood schools but at my ds school there are several children with an Autism diagnosis, a few fairly severe and the reason they attend that school is because they LIVE in the area.

            Your statement just made it sound so matter of fact that children with Autism are already being forced to go to special schools and your fear is that kids with TS could follow and I'm coming it at it from a different perception.

            Just curious - sorry if I'm hijacking the thread :D


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              law school paper

              Were I live there is a school for children with Autism and or multiple disorders.

              From experience of some dear friends of ours they usual assess the child to see if the public school can handle them, if not then they are bused to the special needs facility.

              Unfortunately in most cases that is were the services end unless you can survive on a waiting list for a residential placement in Hamiliton. If the child is to aggressive then the options are not out there. This is probably why the child I mentioned was put into a detention center in September.

              I think every child deserves a chance in life and opportunities without being labeled.


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                law school paper

                My mother puts Asberger's and Autism and TS on the same scale. That does not mean they are the same. You can put OCD and OC Personality Disorder 'on the same scale' and it does not mean they are the same. OCPD is caused by trauma, abuse, neglect, as it is a personality disorder, a developmental freeze caused by external circumstances. OCD is genetic. But they can LOOK the same to an outsider, the less knowledge the more so.

                I will check with Mom, and see what she says. I think she is talking about social cognition deficits, and social / emotional processing. I do not think she is saying that TS is caused by the same thing as Autism.
                Darin M. Bush, The Tourette Tiger, author of "Tiger Trails"