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A very special message

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  • A very special message

    Hello All

    My name is Brian Wilen.

    I'm part of a board of individuals who plan events for the youth during our annual Tourette Syndrome Conferences.

    GO MONTREAL 2005!

    I'm 19, and live in British Columbia.

    I would like to personally invite any Youth or parents to e-mail me at

    I would be most happy to give parents a look into my experience with TS and see what a child saw. I was a child once, we all were!

    And for all the youth, feel free to e-mail me, I know what your going through and I can help, I've been there!

    Also I would like to mention that TS has been a part of my life. It has brought good and bad situations, but in the end if I could choose to get rid of it, I wouldn't. It has made me who I am today, and that is something I never want to change.

    For you parents out there, I was once a child. It was my loving and understanding parents that helped me deal with my dissorder. You are the greatest tool your child can have, no medication can do any better that two loving and supportive parents.

    My hats off to you parents out there!

    Again, my e-mail box is always available so please drop me a line if you want to talk.

    Remember folks, coprolalia can be usefull, try going to a baseball game when you know a team is going to lose.


    Brian Wilen
    ~ Brian Wilen ~

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    A very special message

    Hats off to you Brian! As a parent of a 14 yr old boy, I'm so impressed by your positive message! My son struggles daily with his symptoms but is just beginning to realize that he WILL survive and get through whatever he needs to, to have a healthy, happy life! I'm sure once he reads your post that he'll appreciate your comments, and truly belive that as his parents, we are not BIAS by telling him the same things are possible! Thanks so much for your wonderful message!