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Tragedy For Nanaimo B.C. Man with Tourette, Autism

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  • Tragedy For Nanaimo B.C. Man with Tourette, Autism

    Mom fears her son may fall through safety net,
    She says mentally challenged man, 23, has nowhere to go

    The Times Colonist
    July 12, 2011

    A Nanaimo, British Columbia mother is worried her 23-year-old son will end up in jail, hospital or worse.

    Lisa Bartsoff's son Jordan Aske is too old to receive more help from the Ministry of Children and Family Development, yet everybody she talks to tells her that Jordan needs 24-hour, supervised care, which she can't provide because she needs to work.

    According to his latest test, Jordan has an IQ of 49, autistic tendencies and suffers from Tourette syndrome. Bartsoff believes he also suffers from Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders.

    "Jordan was in the care of a guy who used to run group homes for children and he went to a conference to learn about fetal alcohol syndrome. While there, it dawned on him that everything that he was hearing led him to think: 'That's Jordan.'"

    Bartsoff admits while pregnant with Jordan as a 16-year-old girl she was into partying and drinking.

    "He's never been officially diagnosed FASD but once with his caregiver told me he believed Jordan has it, I started to read up about it and I'm certain he has it."

    A few years ago, Jordan started hanging out with youngsters who took advantage of him because of his naivete.

    "He didn't have any friends in high school because he is different and when he found this group of kids, he thought he had found some friends but they preyed on him.

    "At first I thought they were nice kids but then things started happening -- he started to smoke pot and stay out all hours. They told him to put this orange piece of paper on his tongue. He didn't know what it was but it was acid and he called me and I went to get him and had to take him to the hospital."

    Concerned about her son, Bartsoff went to talk to the Nanaimo RCMP to express her concerns.

    "I didn't know where else to turn but they told me they can't do anything for him."

    Being gullible, Jordan got talked into committing petty crimes, she said. When Bartsoff read an article in Thursday's Daily News about another mentally challenged young man who was imprisoned because Nanaimo provincial court judge Tony Dohm had no where else to send him, she feared her son was on the same path.

    To try to get her son away from the friends she now considers a bad influence on him, she sent him to live with a friend in Courtenay.

    "She's got her own family and he requires constant care and now she realizes she can't cope with him anymore," said Bartsoff.

    "I'm at my wit's end. I have no idea where to turn. The province has washed its hands of him and he needs help."
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    Re: Tragedy For Nanaimo B.C. Man with Tourette, Autism

    I am hoping that Steve's Mom will be reading this thread. I will attempt to find a phone number or contact for her and speak with her directly, if possible.

    I, too, have a son with autism and tourette syndrome. He is 47 years old and I have worried myself sick since he was born about what would happen to him when I am unable to care for him or I am dead.

    The Ministry, the Association for Community Living (formerly the Association for Mentally Retarded), the Community Living, BC, were all unable to find a place for my son when I became too ill to care for him alone.

    I had to take the bull by the horns and began a search for a suitable 'forever family' for him by myself.

    I learned that there is funding for people who choose to commit to care for people such as Steve.

    Then it was up to me to find the people who I would trust to take over my son's life.

    I fought for years and have recently found just such a family. These wonderful souls have committed to caring for him for the rest of his life.

    It wasn't easy, needless to say, but it was ultimately so worth the work and effort I had to go through.

    We applied and secured funding for the family who now care for him - another lengthy and arduous task.

    I just wanted Steve's Mom and others like us to take hope that with a lot of perseverence and going through a lot of hoops, there is a way to find peace of mind when considering our children's futures without us.


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      Re: Tragedy For Nanaimo B.C. Man with Tourette, Autism


      Thank you for your interest in this story.

      Please note that this is an article that appeared on July 12, 2011 in the Times Colonist, a Victoria and Vancouver Island newspaper. Use the link I provided to view the original article.

      The people in the article are Nanaimo resident Lisa Bartsoff and her son son Jordan Aske.

      Your interest in the plight of Ms. Bartsoff is to be commended, and I hope your help and support will ease their difficulty.
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