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  • Tourette Syndrome Videos on ABC News

    Hi everybody,

    A series of older videos (from 2009) have come to our attention that were originally created by the news program 20/20, and rebroadcast as part of a series called "My Extreme Affliction" (on March 17, 2012), as well as in pieces on the web on the ABC News site. Of particular note is the fact that these are interviews with young women living with Tourette Syndrome. They have severe symptoms and for those readers of the Forum who are new to the world of Tourette Syndrome, I would say they represent a small minority of people living with Tourette. Most people do not have tics as severe as these girls.

    For a bit of context, media pieces focus on the "Extreme" symptoms of the disorder – the more sensational, the better the TV. However, these severe portrayals do not capture the complexity of experiences of what Tourette Syndrome can be and contribute to stereotypes and prejudices against those living with the disorder. Part of what we hope to accomplish at the Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada is provide support and hope to families living with Tourette. This is why we launched the @Random project, to provide a new multimedia approach to discussing Tourette and helping people understand what it means to live with this disorder.

    The final piece in this list is a documentary about a camp for children living with Tourette Syndrome in the U.S.
    Again, the film focuses on the kids with the most severe symptoms and features some of the girls in the other pieces.

    We do keep a list of camps for children living with Tourette Syndrome and associated disorders at the TSFC National Office. We are in the process of updating it for 2012. If you are interested in the list, please let us know by calling us at 905-673-2255 or 1-800-361-3120 or emailing

    Here are some of the videos on the ABC News web-site:

    Tourette Dominates Girl's Daily Life
    Fears over a germy toothbrush trigger Devon Renoldson's OCD.
    She tells her dad he’s not helping, and he’s not by listing a whole bunch of other germy things.
    Her family need to accept that in some ways there is nothing she can do about it and find ways to help her cope.

    A Girl's Life, Interrupted by Tics
    11-year-old Devon’s first day at school after a few years of home-schooling.
    Devon's story is one that many you may relate to.
    She starts her day with an awareness presentation to her new class, and end the day exhausted and deflated.
    She hates school and doesn't want to return, and her parents are at loss of what to do.

    Coping with Severe Tourette Symptoms
    Isabella Constatino, 13, struggles to speak about Tourette Syndrome and helping others with the disorder between strong, self-injuring tics.

    Battling Tourette: 'Emotional Rollercoaster'
    "Some days you think, I just can't take anymore," says parent Mary Blowers when she’s talking about the emotional and OCD part of Tourette.

    Teens Take on Tourette Syndrome
    Camp Tic-a-Palooza" provides safe haven for children coping with Tourette. Many of the teens who apear in the clips above appear in this camp clip as well.

    On a positive note, Matt Giordano, the drummer in the @Random piece, 75 Watts, runs a workshop for the campers. To view his video, go to, select "Credits" from the top left corner, and select 75 Watts to view the film.
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