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Poison Bar Painted By Artist With Tourette

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  • Poison Bar Painted By Artist With Tourette

    Artwork helps control Dave Linsell's condition
    SOUTHERN DAILY ECHO, Southhampton
    August 25, 2012

    ART has helped Dave Linsell to cope with a debilitating condition – and now his talent can be seen at a Basingstoke bar, in the U.K..

    Dave was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome four years ago. The condition causes people to make repeated, quick movements or sounds that they cannot control, known as tics.

    The 26-year-old, from Buckskin, Basingstoke, U.K. who is also known as Tic, said creating artwork helps him to control his condition, and he has showcased his talent at various charity and community events.

    He was approached by staff at Poison, who saw one of his sketches, and asked him to replicate the design across three walls in the bar in Old Reading Road. The work of art took Dave several weeks to complete, using spray cans to create the masterpiece, and it is now on permanent display at Poison.

    Dave said: “It was quite a challenge to do because you are dealing with angles and people’s perspective. It was a challenge but I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

    He said doing artwork calms him down, adding: “I do have a condition and it’s been hard for me and my family as well.

    “I didn’t have this as a child but it’s now a part of me. It affects me on a day-to-day basis with telephone conversations, meeting people and socialising. I have had to learn to be more outgoing.”

    Doctors believe Dave had the condition as a child, but on a scale so small that it was not noticeable. He added: “It hit me within a few months.”

    Dave is now hoping to focus more on his artwork, and he wants to create a business from his talent. He said: “I do it for charity and for fun and to promote the artwork. It’s got to the point now where I could do a lot more with this.”

    Dave said his dad helped him to discover art, which is a skill that runs in his family. He said: “He showed me the right way to paint and taught me everything I know.”

    Tess Stoner, landlady at Poison, described the graffiti art as “brilliant.” She added: “It started off with a little bit and now he’s done the whole stage area.”
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